Facilitating a Group of 12

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     Melissa Dinwiddie 

    As groups get larger, the sharing takes up more time. Any tips on facilitating a group of 12 if you don’t have a co-facilitator?

     Eli De Friend 

    Hi Melissa,
    This subject should have been covered in your training.
    According to those more knowledgeable than myself, the ideal number of participants at one table is 4.
    A competent facilitator should be able to handle around 15 participants (so that makes 4 tables). Beyond 15 participants, you will be sacrificing quality for the sake of saving a few bucks and honestly its far more fun to run a session with a co-facilitator. Jacqui has been training people for years, particularly in BC. So you should not have too much trouble finding someone to work with.

    If, on the other hand, you have a group of 12, you should really be able to manage adequately with 3 tables of 4 participants or 2 tables of 6 – that’s really up to you and perhaps the demographics of the group.

    Regarding the end objective of ensuring that all of your participants from different tables are aligned in their understanding and appreciation of the workshop outputs, again, you should have covered this in your training. Why don’t you call Jacqui – I’m sure she will give you some good hints.

    All the best,



    Hi Melissa,

    12 should not be an issue if you facilitate the sharing and discussion well.
    I have run a table of 14 at one go with no major issues though I do not recommend it.
    I find that 6 is an ideal table size for time and richness of input.
    As Eli says having cofacilitators or even assistant facilitators is best and also distfibutes ebergy and focus well.
    Just be sure to notice the body language of your participants and manage accordingly. One trick is involving them as managers of the energy and flow in thd group.
    FYI I am conducting a workshop today with 165 pax and 6 facilitators and Im sure it should run just as well.
    A trick is to have a Pleno table at the end where the findings of each table are consolidated.
    Good Luck!

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