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    Hi all! We are preparing some workshop for our municipality – preparing family policy – but the city officials wants some more case studies using LSP for municipality or local governments. Do you know about some examples. I found some examples in the Nielsen´s Ph.D. research, but it would help us to find some more examples.

    • Hello Robin,

      We currently have a series of six one-day workshops, as part of a mission entrusted by the Regional Council of the Centre region (France) and by state officials in the region (Department of Labour and Employment). The objective of this mission is to educate the various local partners (municipality, chambers, social partners, education, associations of insertions workers, professional training organizations, enterprises …) on the interest to engage in the management of jobs and skills in an area.

    • hi Robin,
      i’m about to present a project to use LSP to define the strategi plan for my municipality 2050 (San Isidro, Argentina). Good to know there are others using it. If I can implement it, I’ll let you know how it works. And I’d love to hear about your experiences as well.

      thanks, Patricia

    • hi Robin
      We did a 1,5 days vision session for a department (administrative area) in the City of Copenhagen. It was a relatively large workshop with +100 participants.They made a vision for the entire department and one for their relevant sub-groups. Further that we also did one for a medium sized town here in Denmark, that was for the leadership team (ie the head of the entire administration and the heads of the different areas)

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