• Manon Erkens posted an update 6 years, 8 months ago

    Has anyone experience with a short workshop, about an hour, for a large group (350 people)? – I intend to use the Window Exploration Bag and do some skillsbuilding. Let them talk about their model in groups (table) of about five or six people? To facilitate this process it’s to expensive to have 35 facilitators . Could it be fine if I have some extra facilitators walking around, to assist where needed? Thanks for any tips or advice!

    • Hello, Manon. I have done lots of events for large audiences and would be happy to share my experiences. There are two possibilities – either you provide a 3-4 hour briefing or introductory training to 35 table-leaders who will facilitate in turn in tables to ensure that people in the tables understand really well what to do. Alternatively, you may run your event with just a single facilitator, plus a few extras, but in that case, the explanation or task must be super-simple because in a large crowd many misunderstand or misinterpret the question. But it all depends on the objective of your 1-hour session.
      PS. Please post your questions to the forum – in that case, people will be notified of your query and you will have more likely more answers compared to a status update post that only your “friends” or a few people notice: http://seriousplaypro.com/groups/serious-play-pro-forum/forum/ :-)

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