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LSP window exploration bag 2000409 pile

Box full of Lego Window Exploration Bags – art.2000409

The full inventory of Lego Window Exploration Bag (art.2000409) is below. The package comes with separately sealed 100 window exploration bags. Therefore the following table shows the contents of a single Window Exploration Bag. Images again taken from Lego Service Replacement Parts database that you can use in case you find that some bricks are either missing or broken.

Lego Serious Play Window Exploration Bag

Lego Serious Play Window Exploration Bag – Close Up Picture of one Bag

Window Exploration Bag consists of 100 plastic bags that each come with similar contents – a small leaflet that explains LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and 48 bricks: including a minifigure, a flag post, a ladder, two flowers, a wheel, a propeller, a horizontal and a vertical brick with rotor snap, a couple of transparent bricks, a couple of 1×1 bricks with eye, several small bricks (1×2, 1×4, 2×2, 2×4), several plate bricks (2×3, 2×4, 2×6, 1×10), a 2×6 base plate, 2 roof tile bricks, an 3×4 arching brick and 1×4 bridge brick.

Part Image Quantity Colour Contents
303226 1 Black Plate 4X6
395726 1 Black Whip/Aerial
247926 1 Black Rotor
301023 2 Br.Blue Brick 1X4
4275813 1 Br.Blue Mini Upper Part “No. 1161”
4143562 1 Br.Green Flower, Stalk
4121967 2 Br.Orange Roof Tile 1X2/45°
4125278 1 Br.Orange Plate 2X3
4158355 1 Br.Orange Plate 2X4
301021 2 Br.Red Brick 1X4
4144357 1 Br.Red Hub Ø17 For Technic Snap
4206364 2 Br.Red-Viol. Brick 1X4
4569076 2 Br.Yel Brick 1X1 ” No. 2″
621524 1 Br.Yel Brick 2X3 W. Arch
4651442 1 Br.Yel Mini Head No. 892
379524 2 Br.Yel Plate 2X6
4164022 2 Br.Yel-Green Brick 1X2
4143409 2 Brick-Yel Plate 1X10
4211088 2 Dk. St. Grey Brick 1X2
4211087 1 Dk. St. Grey Brick 1X2 W. Horizontal Snap
4211045 2 Dk. St. Grey Roof Tile 1X3/25°
4211068 2 Dk. St. Grey Roof Tile 1X3/25° Inv.
4211129 1 Dk. St. Grey Plate 2X2 W. Vertical Snap
4603504 1 Dk. St. Grey Ladder 1X2X2
300328 1 Dk.Green Brick 2X2
4106356 1 Dk.Green Brick 2X4
4107736 2 Dk.Green Brick 1X2
4112838 2 Dk.Green Brick 1X4
449528 1 Dk.Green Streamer
4211435 2 Med. St-Grey Brick W. Bow 1X4
622740 1 Tr. Roof Tile 2X2/45° – Tr.
4142898 1 Tr. Ml.R.Viol Flower Transparent
611644 1 Tr. Yel Brick 2X2 Round Ii
9327 1 White Mini Body Lower Part Wh

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