I’m planning a Salesforce people manager offsite for about 50 people on July 25 in San Francisco, California. I would like to leverage Lego Serious Play to brainstorm ideas for a single topic (e.g. how to increase efficiency in the organization). Would you be able to provide your insight as well as an estimate for facilitation fees?

I’d like to get your perspective on whether the brainstorming session is a good use of Lego Serious Play. Are there specific exercises or topics that are more successful than others? We’re looking to make the biggest impact leveraging this methodology, how would we go about doing so?

  1. The goal of the event is to brainstorm, collect, and refine ideas for driving cost savings within the organization.
  2. This is a 2 day offsite and we are allocating about 4 hours for Lego Serious Play.
  3. The participants are from different locations and they are all Director+ people managers. All participants are in the Information Technology organization.
  4. Yes, it’s an onsite-offsite, so it will be held at our office in San Francisco. It’s a large training room with tables.

Kristine Law

Program Manager

IT Business Strategy & Operations | Salesforce

Time and language?: July 25, 2018
How many participants?: 50 executives

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