11 years – we are getting there …..

A couple of days ago I returned to Denmark from France. Meeting with people interested in LEGO SERIOUS PLAY . They had “found out about LSP on the internet”. I love that!  It is always extremely wonderful “to be found”. On the plane home I was contemplating: There is still  lots of work ahead of us spreading the word about this amazing method. BUT at the same time I was thinking:  –   It is rather fantastic what 11 years (and lots of work) have done.  –  I have been lucky enough to be there from the start (when LSP was a “test set” of bricks in a freezer bag!) and I think it is simply wonderful to “google LEGO SERIOUS PLAY” today – and then see the amount of results popping up!

Strategic Play Fundamentals Facilitator Training with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY 2012

Our next training will be in Vancouver, BC, Canada from March 20, 21, and 22, 2012!
This training has been designed to meet the needs of people working with teams and groups, specifically great for team development, economic development, business development, board work, project management, and strategic thinking with groups.  If you are looking for an effective way to get a group of people engaged, focused, aligned, and activated – this is the perfect training.

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email us at: info@strategicplay.ca
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Toll Free in North America:  1-888-238-2608
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You can also watch our latest video on why this method works.