• Per Kristiansen posted on the forum topic Kits for Skills Building in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Fans: 11 years ago

    hi David My preference is the starter kit, or, alternatively the exloration bag. The starter kit (and the imaginopedia inside it) really gives you a robust start to your workshop. Both should be back in stock, at least in Europe where I work from Sorry for the late reply, I hope you found a good

    • Per – are there still none of the old fiddle bags available?? We are running out of stock so I had best start keeping an eye on this. I thought they had stock for 3 years? Are they not making them any longer? I thought they were popular? Hope all well with you, Regards

      • hi Denise
        There are, or should be, fiddle bags (exploration bags), at least in Europe. From what I know, the local distribution centers sometimes run out, and then mistakenly the consumer service (ie the call center where we order) reports that they are sold out. All is well here. The spring was great, lost of business (playfull business that is). With the current panic and hysteria, it will be exciting to see how things develop. How you are doing well

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