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July 3, 2015 in Serious Play Case Studies

LSP Hangout SnapshotIn the last 4 years I have used LEGO® Serious Play (aka LSP) very often and the result has been extraordinary. However, due to the growing style of working remotely, I started to ask myself if I could use LEGO SERIOUS PLAY when I am in a remote environment.  In the last 2 months, I set my goal to try it. The first thing I needed to find was a safe environment for trying it; then a few volunteers. I got them both. I really want to express my appreciation to the LEGO Serious Play Facilitator Network ( for allowing me to set this up and of course to my volunteers, for dedicating between 60 and 90 min of their time to try it. THANK YOU Patricia, Gabriel, Marko and Catherine!

Finished with the introduction, now, let me share with you the results of this experience. I really think that LEGO SERIOUS PLAY has good potential in a remote environment; however, there are a few considerations to keep in mind that normally we don’t think about when we do it face to face. By the way, in this case, I am sharing the experience of 1-to-1 meeting with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, so if you are thinking of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a coaching or interview tool, it is for you. Let’s start.

Is LSP a Potential Remote Tool to Use in 1-to-1 Meetings?

Short answer, YES! Long answer, yes with some considerations. :) Read the rest of this entry →

Retrospective and Creativity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

May 7, 2015 in Serious Play Case Studies

Hello everyone, here is what I was waiting for some time, one retro with LEGO® in first hand. If you want my resume in one phrase, here is: “It was a FANTASTIC retrospective”.

First of all I was looking something funny to do with the team. Something where we could learn the great work we are able to do if we work together. Something where, as scrum master, allow me to show the team the importance of be creative, spontaneous, and simple. After some reading, I started to think that LEGO® games could help with that. I started to search for games and I realized that there is not a lot of documented LEGO® games.

At the end, I really like one of the games from tastycupcakes with a very small adaptation, and the result was more of what I was expected. This post is to share my retrospective experience with you.

The rules of the game:

  • Team needs to come up with one personage, it could be a very known personage, it could be a cartoon or a film personage.
  • Team needs to come up with an object and a color.
  • Team will run 3 sprints, 12 minutes each one (consisting of: 2 min plan + 7 min build + 3 min review)
  • For a team of 3 people, in this retrospective, I decided to ask for 4 scenes, they needed to be sure that the history had one start, one end, and the history needed to be based in the story goal

Retrospective ‘s  “Definition of Done” (DoD):

  • The team need to add one action at least in each scene
  • One picture per scene

The team’s personage was in this case “Homer Simpson”, the object was an “table”, and the color was “blue”. The first sprint run and people start to plan, create and present. After the pictures, the Product Owner – PO (I play that role) started to listen the history, very fun and creative.

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3D Modeling with LEGO Serious Play

April 17, 2015 in About Lego Serious Play

This post was recently published in my blog as a part of a big series of posts where I am addressing a full makeover our actual performance appraisal process. Here, you will only see step-by-step method for this special activity I use with LSP. A little bit of context, this activity is part of the “phase” of the makeover process, here is a small resume of this phase:

What should happen here: Discussions and interactions, common vocabulary, and understanding should be the most important here.

Format: In groups.

Output: “What do you want to become in X years?” If you are working at the team level, X could be 1 or 2 years. At the organization level, you should use something between 10 and 20 years. Sometimes, people don’t want to think more than 5 years ahead and that is all right.

All the information about this phase is in this post, today, I will address the “how-to”. To do that, I will share the first activity with you for this phase. If you want to know more about this performance appraisal makeover process, please visit this link.

Enjoy the activity

3D Modeling with Lego Serious Play

Introduction and More…

The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methodology is an innovative, experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. To run this activity, I strongly recommend an external facilitator. Keep in mind that you really should to do this with the help of a facilitator, if you disregard this advice; it will be your choice for what you get for results.

In this activity you will have two parts: “the warm-up” and “the core activity” itself. In the warm-up, you will allow time for people to familiarize themselves with the tool (in this case the LEGO bricks). At the end of the warm-up activity, you can start to work on your challenge. I will explain to you both parts of this activity, but if you are curious about LEGO Serious Play Methodology, please visit this link. You will find a lot of information there. Some of the links are in my blog, but you also have external links to helpful information and different points of view.

For the warm-up activity you need to be sure that everyone has the same kit. You could check specific LSP kits here. The exploration bag is great for any warm-up activity.

The game…

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Lego Serious Play at a Job Interview

August 26, 2013 in Serious Play Case Studies

Lego Serious Play for a Job Interview
Today, I want to share with you a fantastic experience helping a Human Resource department with job interviews. In my years of experience I participated in a few job interviews and always had the feeling that I am getting ‘prepared’ answers. With all the information we have in the internet, it is not very difficult to find the answers that any hiring manager is looking for.

I don’t have a very traditional approach when I run interviews. With the time, I tried always to put the interviewee out of the comfort zone with some ‘crazy’ questions to get real answers. Another challenge is evaluating soft skills? There are lots of tests for that but they take time, they are cumbersome for the Human Resource departments to handle and they can also be broken by experienced interviewees.

Hence – I started to discuss about it with the Human Resource team, and I found that people with +10 years of experiences doing interviews had the same concerns. With this in mind I introduced LEGO Serious Play to improve the quality of a job interview to:

  • Break the ice very fast in the interview and avoid ‘prepared’ answers
  • See some abstract behaviors such as: creativity, issue resolving, innovation, openness, personality, leadership and collaboration
  • Replacing the ‘conducting’ by someone with ‘constructing together’ by taking the discussion of the results to the model.

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