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    Hello all, I am working my way to secure a large Telecom service provider. I saw in various presentations that Swisscom actually used LSP. Can anyone tell me for what application exactly and if at all possible which division of Swisscom?
    Thank you

    • Hi Gabriel,

      Swisscom used LSP in a strategic programme to move from technology driven product development to human centric customer experience design.

      Orange Communications used LSP for strategy and branding in the very early days of research through The Imagination Lab.

      I also believe that some work was done with British Telecom around 2009, but have no information regarding this intervention.

      I’m sure you will find other Telcos have also benefitted from LSP.

      What is your particular interest in the Swisscom mandate?


      • Eli,

        thank you very much, this is very helpful. It turns out that the Canadian company I am referring to will be speaking to Swisscom on another matter and just might bring up the topic of LSP.

        Thx again

    • BTW where did you see a presentation about Swisscom and LSP? I’m not aware of anything on seriousplaypro

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