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February 16, 2016 in Serious Play Case Studies

Trivioquadrivio designed and held a series of facilitation workshops aimed at managers of a large mass retail multinational corporation. LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology has been used to kickstart discussions and to valorize the point of view of each participant.

People tutoring and managerial skills have been the central topics of the two-day workshop. Each LSP exercise fostered a specific discussion then translated into a learning focus that became the heart of an in-deep formative focus.

A session of “simple guiding principles” targeted at the everyday managerial work closed the workshop. Each participant was invited to develop the personal guiding principles with his/her own collaborators.

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January 26, 2016 in Serious Play Case Studies

Trivioquadrivio recently held a Lego® Serious Play® session for the Italian branch of a leading international publisher in science and medicine. The workshop was targeted at 30 people belonging to two different business units. Goal was to get to an increased interaction between the business units, with special regard to topics such as mutual knowledge and understanding, awareness and alignment on collaboration

Lego® Serious Play® methodology worked especially well in this context, helping the participants’ reflection on different roles and points of view. Participants were divided in two mixed groups, each facilitated by one TQ trainer, working for a full day on the same agenda. At the end of the workshop, a plenary presentation was held to share the results between the two groups. Also, a closing Q&A session involved the business units leaders.

The workshop produced a deep and lively debate on collaboration topics and a very positive output both in terms of increased awareness and collaborative mood.

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Training administrative inspectors with Lego Serious Play

October 14, 2015 in Serious Play Case Studies

The Training Centre of one of the largest Italian insurance companies sought the cooperation of TQ for designing and delivering a training day aimed at sixty administrative inspectors of the Group. The session was in the context of a three-day updating and briefing exercises for administrative inspectors in view of their transition to the role of internal auditors. How to engage the participants in an effective and active way? Once again, the right answer has been: Lego Serious Play.



After a first day with a plenary session facilitated by company’s top management, TQ involved participants in teams facilitated with the Lego Serious Play. The administrative inspectors were asked to construct models representing their role and the personal ambitions and fears related to the ongoing change processes. The result materialized a series of business landscapes – on several tables with teams working in parallels – that provided an immediate and significant visual synthesis of the change process as understood by participants.

The third working day offered an opportunity for an intense exchange on each group’s work. Every work table was given the chance to provide a presentation of their own business landscape. The presentation was attended by managers and generated an intense discussion. This process prompted a lively debate, both horizontal (among participants of different groups) and vertical (between participants and managers). Managers were able to collect useful suggestions for further work and for the organization of future initiatives aimed at internal auditors.

A final presentation of the results, carried out by Trivioquadrivio in plenary session, provided a commentary on the work done and served an initial reporting purpose. Finally, a voluminous report consisting of words and images was produced immediately after the end of the workshop and distributed to all the participants.


July 17, 2015 in Serious Play Case Studies


How to find an effective tool to explore a company’s new vision, collect different point of view about it and create a powerful internal communication initiative for more than 200 people? The answer is: design a LSP workshop! Here’s how the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators of Trivioquadrivio addressed this need.

SDA Bocconi, Italian leading Management Business School, has decided to put Trivioquadrivio in charge of an internal communication initiative connected with their end of year party. Starting from SDA Bocconi’s vision, “Empowering lives through knowledge and imagination”, the aim of the initiative was to help those who work for the school, day after day, in finding their personal interpretation of these words.

The interpretation turned into representation: about two hundred SDA staff members took part in short Lego Serious Play workshops, aimed at discovering what role knowledge and imagination have at SDA Bocconi today. Each participant had the opportunity to build her own take on SDA Bocconi’s vision with Lego bricks. That’s why the initiative was called “Build Your Vision”.


BUILD YOUR VISION – Dario Villa – Trivioquadrivio

Once again, the Lego Serious Play methodology was invaluable, proving that companies manage to get a better knowledge and understanding of themselves when they try to portray themselves in a tangible way. All the workshops were conducted, filmed and photographed by Trivioquadrivio’s Lego Serious Play Unit.
The audio-visual and iconographic materials were used to create 12 multimedia installations on the completed workshops, to hold a memory of the images and emotions of this innovative internal communication initiative.

Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

May 13, 2015 in Serious Play Case Studies

When critical issues are physically acted out using our own hands, our mind is much better able to deal with them. Precisely for this reason one of our clients in the bank industry has chosen to open the training programme for its young talent with a Lego Serious Play workshop conducted by the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators of Trivioquadrivio for the second year in a row.

Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - by Dario Villa

One hundred managers from across Europe gathered to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth facilitated by Trivioquadrivio. The theme was again cultural differences and the questions of the workshop were multiple:

  • What are the characteristic features of national cultures in the countries of the New Europe?
  • What difficulties do I have to tackle when my colleague belongs to a different culture from mine?
  • How can you leverage these differences to improve teamwork?
Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - by Dario Villa

Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – by Dario Villa of Trivioquadrivio

In the first part of the workshop, similar issues were addressed not so much in theory, but rather constructed, handled, played out in three-dimensional models made individually and discussed collectively.

In the second part of the day, each of the five groups of participants built a shared model. This created an overview, which made it possible to simulate the actual operational impact that cultural differences generate in professional everyday life.

Some simple guiding principles were laid out at the end of the workshop, which each participant could put into practice to best address the cultural differences that play a part in every sector of their organization.

Lego Serious Play TTT in Italy / June 2015

May 12, 2015 in Serious Play Training

Hello everybody, for the Italian residents (and speakers…), Trivioquadrivio – LSP certified partner since 2003, with a significant LSP experience in all business industries and awarded as “Partner of the Year” in 2005  – is about to hold a  train the trainer session for aspiring facilitators.

The three-day session – Italian language only! – will take place in Milano and will provide the participants with an in-deep training based on Trivioquadrivio’s customized LSP approach and experiences.

Dates are still to be set. If you’re interested in knowing more, please drop me a line:

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