Developing a Business Model Canvas using LSP

February 20, 2018 in Serious Play Case Studies

The Business Model Canvas developed by Alexander Osterwalder is a well known tool for focusing on your business strategy, operations and marketing, and ideal when using LSP to build and view each aspect of the business using 3D models.

After taking the six young entrepreneurs from the University of Lincoln through the skills building process,  theyere asked to imagine that they were starting an organic fast food restaurant, selected blocks on the canvas and asked a key question relating to each block, so they could build as many models as possible in the timeframe given to provide the answers.


Business Model Canvas – University of Lincoln Business Start-ups

Using sticky notes to identify each of the nine blocks the participants were able to tell the story of the business; combining their thoughts and ideas and gaining clearer understanding. They were able to focus on and understand their business model as a whole and to reflect on each aspect of the business, by thinking deeper and building simple models.

Having engaged the participants in a business mindset using deeper thought, reflection and understanding they were asked to focus on their own business idea and to build the USP (unique selling point) of their product/service, often one of the most difficult things for a start-up business to identify and explain. Using the LEGO Serious Play method the participants were able to think deeper, develop their models and see their USP evolve.

Young entrepreneurs building a business model canvas

Comments from the session – very unique workshop, really engaging and thought provoking – thoroughly enjoyed the session it was great applying a business mindset to hands on tasks.

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Next Level Thinking

February 7, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

So, this particular organisation is growing rapidly and expanding its highly intelligent workforce. The key to their future success is for the diverse team of people to work collectively and cohesively together to deliver value to their customers, so I was asked to design a workshop that would help each and everyone to take part in developing their way forward together…even the quiet ones! Oh, and it needed to be fun….

As any fully trained facilitator knows, careful planning and design detail are key to the success of a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session; the hard work in the background is what delivers the end results. Having spent a day on the design and making sure all twenty two Starter Kits and Exploration Kits had exactly the same bricks, giving everyone an equal and level playing field, the session was ready.


For this three hour session we divided the group on to two tables working as two separate teams in the beginning for the skills building challenges, reducing the time it took to share and reflect at this stage, whilst ensuring each and every person understood the concept. This allowed more time when the teams came together for answers to be built shared and reflected upon in the main build challenges – the key questions.




Focusing on the topics of communication, values and behaviours each and everyone involved was able to tell the story of their model to explain what they want to avoid and what is important to themselves in being able to commit to their future development and the development of the organisation, working together to bring about a culture where customer relationships flourish and there is a sense of seeing things through together.


Using a separate area to bring together a shared vision and discussion around the guiding principles needed to reach their goal, there was a flurry of building when questioning of the model helped them to decide upon what elements were missing. Volunteers took turns explaining the shared model to ensure the message was clear and understood by everyone. Post-it notes were used to re-affirm the meanings of the models and images taken of the models and key points written on the whiteboards, providing the tools and actions to move forward in their quest to take responsibility of their future together.

If you would like to find out more about how a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session can help your organisation email

Can you facilitate a meaningful 40 minutes LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session?

November 7, 2017 in Serious Play Discussion

That was the question I was asked recently by a local curator, who was putting together the very first TEDx  – Past, Present and Future event  in my hometown of Lincoln – LSP being the future, of course.

With quite a few LSP sessions under my belt and despite words of wisdom from Robert Rasmussen on timings resounding in my head (sorry Robert), I thought, Why not? I’d like to give my time to support this TEDx event, so let’s see what can be achieved in just 40 minutes with a group of diverse individuals who had previously not met – well two groups actually; a morning and an afternoon session…..I like challenges. Some of you may be cringing at this point.

The questions in my mind – How quickly were the group going to understand the concept? so, how short could I make the stages? The answer is very quickly – with shorter build times and less bricks, the participants simplified their explanations. In just 40 minutes, using their models everyone was able to safely share with everyone else what they didn’t like about their community. And importantly, share and understand the important elements of their future inclusive and diverse community.

So the learning for me was that although the build, share, reflect were more time limited, as long as I didn’t take away any of the stages, I was able to facilitate groups of diverse strangers giving them the opportunity create a future by telling their story, listening and understanding. Of course it has limits and I’m not suggesting that this is the way to go. Just that, in some circumstances with careful session preparation and by preparing the groups for a quick fire session, meaningful, impactful results can be achieved in a short time.

Alison Rex, Certified Lego Serious Play Method Facilitator

Creating Cohesive Direction with LSP

August 10, 2017 in Serious Play Discussion



I was recently invited to facilitate a LSP half-day session for a group of Directors in the UK with a focus on building a new culture in a large healthcare organisation. The session was designed to enable the group to safely express their ‘situation’ and create the new culture.

Being on a level playing field, in a safe environment where everyone listened, the group were able to get to the core of the issues without distress. Having gained that knowledge the group were able to design their future culture with much clarity, purpose and understanding.

Feedback from Tom, the Interim CEO is that the session was incredibly enlightening, that it has had a real impact with the team. The level of engagement between the different departments and the continuous usage of messages around mission, vision and values, and creating a support centre mentality during the session has in his words – “been quite staggering and the session a catalyst for this change”.
Alison Rex, Rex Associates

A brief intorduction to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® video

February 13, 2017 in About Lego Serious Play

A brief introduction to the concept of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Using your hands as the search engine for discovery within your mind.

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