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    How does LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® help in developing Business Ventures?

    Conventional business development is normally conducted using brain-storming sessions or meetings at busy times when human brain is functioning dominated by the left side linked with problem solving, logic and decision making. Although this is crucial, the right side of the brain linked with emotions, imagination and creative thinking is not brought into the scene and is often neglected leading to missed opportunities of new ideas and insights.

    What LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) provides is the platform and tool to model your business and experience the future now together with your potential business partner. This includes the core identity of the business venture as it looks like now and how you both aspire it to be. You will be challenged to build a shared model of your aspirations which will bring potential conflict and risky grey areas to the surface before actually committing to move forward. Scenarios of the future are also built and potential cultural gaps are highlighted. LSP provides visual experience which encourages commitment and motivation to put it to reality.

    Join us in the first of its kind event coming to the International Festival for Business 2016.

    Join us on 16 or 21 June 2016, visit http://www.innovation-culture.com

    or email to receive registration pack ifb2016@innovation-culture.com

    The largest business festival in the world is coming to Liverpool!


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