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    Hello everybody,

    We are a couple of facilitators in the same area with the same question : how can we best manage our kits of bricks? Indeed, we were wondering if there were some best practices that some of you could share in order to have enough kits available when we need them, without each of us investing in so many kits. Have some of you some experience with organizing a kind of pool of shared kits, that you borrow or rent from each other? Especially when we have to make an offer for a big group of participants, we are looking at optimizing costs. Any idea is welcome regarding exploration bags as well as starter kits or landscape and connectors. Thanks a lot in advance for your help!

    Manuel Grassler

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Actually we had the same issue but internally. As I introduced the methodology to our company Haufe we started out with a standard set. With more and more facilitators joining our internal LSP community we did the following set up of bricks as they need them for the workshops:

    10 Starter Kits mixed together to form the basis for a LSP workshop
    1 Landscape & Identity Kit in combination with the Starter Kit buffet
    20 Window Exploration Kits in Zipper Bags for Skill Building

    We do not use the Starter Kits for Skill Building any more – only Window Exploration Kits – as the simpler logistics outweigh the benefits.

    In order to store this setup we use the blue boxes from Lego Education as they sorting trays of the Identity and Connections Kits alike fit in perfectly.

    This setup is easy to transport by car.
    By plane it gets a bit trickier.

    So we use this Split Roller Bag from Dakine. Everything from above except the blue boxes fit in there perfectly. To secure the trays we use wrapping foil around it.

    This is the basic setup and it fits nicely in order to use with more than 5 facilitators.
    If demand in facilitation arises you can always start to add an Landscape & Identity Kit and Starter Kits as well.
    The Connectors Kit is used quite seldomly so you need to decide if you want to have one.

    Additionally we keep our storage always with a bunch of extra Window Exploration Kits if we need to do a group session 20-200.

    With this setup it should be easy to split the costs amongst your group of facilitators or – as I have seen that as well – One is buying all of them and charges a usage fee by the others to cover the costs over time and to replace the bricks from time to time.

    I hope that helps.

    Best Manuel

    Stephen Dann

    Ziplock bags and resealable bags have been my best asset for porting and sorting the Lego kits. I’ve converted my starter kit boxes to resealable bags, and this has meant that I can add Kit labels, team labels, session names and details. Same for my collection of LSP ducks, and the LSP window exploration kits – small ziplocks and a handful of custom bag label printouts later, and it’s been useful for branding sessions.

    For the big kit, I have several 1 litre resealable bags, and as fortune had it, managed to fund MASSIVE resealable bags, so I can bag up my kit at the end of session in the 1 litre bags, put those bags in a second giant zip lock, and then put the whole kit into a suitcase. I’ve also bought the lego shopping bag to keep the baseplates for the LSP kit in a separate part of my suitcase.

    if you go down the tag and bag path, you can make one collective investment in the Window kits, rebag them into the ziplocks, and then print brand/session/event specific labels for the bags so it looks like you’re using different gear between the teams.


    Thanks a lot for your feedback, very helpful !
    If we end up with another good solution, I will share it too!



    I’m using a trolley case and different sorting boxes and bags, this is how it looks:
    LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop Trolleys

    I’ve optimized the packaging from my experience as a facilitator, now I also lend the LSP materials: Let me know if this helps.

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