Please, need some inspiration for my next LSP workshop…

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    Carlos Gallardo

    Hi everybody….

    Next month I`m going to facilitate a LSP workshop for a group of workers belonging to different departments in order to improve their interdepartmental communication.

    The objective is to make them aware of how the company works and what the functions and the responsibilities of the different departments are and how they are related to each other in terms of working processes. Then they are supposed to discover where the obstacles are which interfere negatively in their internal communication and agree some guiding principles.

    Now it`s my turn to design the workshop and I must say that I got stuck on the challenging questions, so I wanted to ask if anybody of you have some ideas that may inspire me a bit…?

    Thanks … :-)

    Bob Cornelis

    You should put issues that let the workers build how they see their department. For instance : How do you see your department actually ? Than deepening by focusing more on communication in it. With the individual models and stories you can go over to the shared model (how do you see your ideal communication strategy for interdepartmental communication)

    Carlos Gallardo

    Hi Bob,

    great idea…..actually I was planning something similar….good to know that we have the same point of view…:-)

    Thanks a lot for you help!

    Best regards!

    Jolly Thomas

    initial phase: “What is the key process / service / product in your department?
    “Create a model of any other key process that impacts your workflow / output – give opportunity for various agents’ of departments”
    2nd phase – “red flag” a critical aspect of each agent and create a shared model of what would represent an ideal level of communication
    3rd phase – play emergence with various situations of negative communication or positive communication (positive communication would be my preference so that they will be able to see and affirm the benefits of communciating rather than focus on problems and consequences
    That’s my two bit worth – Enjoy playing!

    Carlos Gallardo

    Hi Jolly,

    thank you very much for your suggestions….will take them into account!

    Best regards!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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