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    Avatar Alan McShane 

    Hi All,

    Looking for some advice / ideas:

    I will be running several networking events using LSP over the coming months and I will be using a simple format that works well: after skills building, they build a model that represents each person`s project / offering / services. This is presented and others can ask questions. After that I do one or two rounds of modifications, where each person modifies the model to reflect where they want to grow and build they type of partner or service they need to achieve that growth. Fairly simple and it always gets connections in some shape or form.

    Challenge is that I have been doing this with small groups max 12 but now have to up it a gear to 20 or 30 so it would be empowered tables. Any ideas on:

    a) How I can use lego get everyone in the room to hear all the stories? I don’t want to limit meeting chances to just each table. Perhaps a speed round to present with break out tables after? Perhaps classification of all the 30 or so models on a big table according to needs / wants so people can then review after and link up? Perhaps Keywords on a summary chart?

    b) How I could leverage LSP to get people to link their models with other possible partners / models? Adding a piece of their model to someone else’s? A simple link using a connector? Would it add value? I like the idea but putting it in practice might get messy with so many people.

    All ideas welcome.



    Avatar Eli De Friend 

    Dear Alan,
    If you want to demonstrate the power of LSP and you are calling this a networking event, then perhaps you could ask participants to work in groups of 4 or 5 and build a shared vision of what the network is. Then each group can share their stories and perhaps refine their shared models. After that you can identify the actors and factors connected to the network and go all the way through to SGPs if you have the time and desire. One thing is for sure: if the network is worthwhile and the time is available, building SGPs for the network will really help to solidify it.
    You could probably just use a standard Identity roadmap to do the trick.
    All the best,

    Avatar Alan McShane 

    Many thanks Eli.

    Probably didn’t make myself clear. It is not a demonstration of LSP but rather use of LSP for a specific networking objective. It is all about entrepreneurs telling their story, getting feedback and looking for connections with other entrepreneurs. I like your suggestion of the group model and might consider that as follow up once mini groups of interest have formed (either at the same event or in later breakout sessions).



    What does SGP means?


    Avatar Eli De Friend 

    Hi Alan, I did understand that your event was not a demonstration; what I was trying to convey, in a constructive manner, is that if you leave out shared builds, landscaping, connections, scenarios and simple guiding principles, you are losing a lot of what the LSP methodology is about. The building blocks may be construction, metaphor, story-telling and imagination; however, according to my humble understanding, the methodology builds upon these and is far more than these basic elements.

    Hi Valentim, SGP means Simple Guiding Principle


    Avatar Alan McShane 

    I get you Eli. Thanks for the clarification and I agree 100%. I will incorporate some shared builds to forge networks created in the first session and I will look at proposing a development of the shared builds into a second session that would get to landscaping.

    Thanks for the input.

    Regards, Alan.

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