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    Manuel Grassler

    I will conduct a LSP Session in the beginning of May with 10 people.
    What do you think?
    Workshop Name: Customer Co-Creation for Growth
    Workshop Goal: Find areas of growth opportunities for a startup together with its “potential” customers
    Number of Participants: 10 (2 from startup, 2 existing clients, 2 potential clients, 2 marketing experts, 2 innovators)
    Time available: 5 Hours
    INTRODUCTION: 15 min
    Ch1.: Build a Tower
    Ch2.: Build a Model from Instruction
    Ch2.1: Modify Model to show what Sport means to you.
    Ch3.: Build Nightmare Sports Venue -> Capture these on post its
    Media: Show Sales Video of Startup as short introduction
    Ch4.: Build a model “How can the Startup Solution improve your life?”
    – Red Brick for most important aspect
    Ch5.: Build a shared model of “How can it improve your life!” -> aka external view on Value Proposition.
    AGENTS OF GROWTH: 90 min
    Ch6.: Build a model representing a factor which would help the Value Proposition grow or extend its reach.
    Ch7.: Build as many agents as possible.
    Ch8.: Build some more
    Ch9.: Arrange the Models around Value Proposition based on its Closeness to the VP.
    – Use a red flag to show which factor seems to have the highest potential for the Startup.
    What do you think? Is it too much?
    It is quite hard to scale to 10 people. So the biggest challenge would be to really have a rigid time budget.
    Looking forward to your tipps and suggestions.


    Hi Manuel,

    This looks like a great plan. My experience has shown me that just the individual to shared model takes at least 90 min (for individual = 5-8 min build + 3-5 min to share x 10 + 5-8 min reflection = approx 70 min; for shared model = at least 20 min team negotiation + 3 min x 5-6 sharing = approx 40 min). The same for the Landscape of Opportunities, 40 min is not enough, I would aim at least 60 min given that you will get allot of interactions and discussions around the agents. Also you need to factor in the lunch/breaks – this is vital to keep the energy going.

    It’s sometimes better to have less challenges than too many.

    Well I hope my two-cents worth helps.

    Best of luck


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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