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    Avatar Fran Ward 

    Hi all,

    I have just watched a video on Youtube in which there are some print out LEGO Education LSP Training manuals. I’ve had a look using the power of my Google finger, unfortunatley i cant find them anywhere. Does anyone here have them as PDFs or know where i can get hold of them?


    Avatar Andrew Batchelor 

    Do you have a link to the YouTube video? If it is the open source/public domain LSP material, there are several places to get it, including here at Serious PLay Pro’s dropbox:


    Avatar Fran Ward 

    Cheers for the reply Andrew.It’s different from the OS material and education specific by the looks of things.
    Heres the link – 1:37 for the best view:

    Not found it anywhere online so far.

    Avatar Fran Ward 

    Avatar Andrew Batchelor 

    May be available through or maybe those particular ones are out of print? There are a number of other guides and lesson plans available, but I did not find anything that looked like 1:38 in the video.


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