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    My name is Francesca and I am organizing a technology forum in the Netherlands on November, 12-13 and during a 1-1.5 h brainstorming session I would like to use 4-5 Starter Kits.
    Unfortunately, they are sold out in Europe and cannot be shipped by US directly.

    Is there anyone who could lend me the 4-5 Kits?
    If you have the possibility to write me an invoice, we could also agree on a lending price, including the shipment costs, of course.
    The shipment would be preferibly to Germany because I live there.

    Thank you very much!


    Hi Francesca, I’m running a rental service for LSP materials ( in the EU. We usually lend trolleys with the Identity and Landscape Kit as well as the Connections Kit. We sell Window Exploration Bags individually for skillsbuilding and we do have Starter Kits. I’m happy to help. Let’s get in touch. Christoph

    Avatar Wiro Kuipers

    Dear Francesca, we are running a similar service in The Netherlands, where kids with a challenge (usually something alike autism) sort and deliver kits. We could deliver in Germany, but also at the location in The Netherlands. Anything you like. Just like Christoph we lease out anything (starter / L&I / connections / baseplates) and we sell exploration bags and yellow ducks. If you would like to know more, please contact me via Best, Wiro

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