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    I live in Sydney Australia and am looking to acquire certification in Lego Serious Play. Can anyone help with this?

    Eli De Friend

    Hi Luke,
    You are lucky to be in Sydney. Denise Meyerson of MCI is based in Sydney and offers training in LSP. I don’t know whether she offers “certification” as such. In the open source model anyone can deliver training and certify under their own brand, e.g. Denise may choose to certify you as an MCI-certified facilitator of LSP worskhops, but that does not guarantee that you have the same training or skills as someone trained by Lucio Margulis of Juego Serio in Argentina. Both have been on some form of Training of Trainers programme given by one or other of the two “Master Trainers”, as they used to be called, Robert Rasmussen and Per Kristiansen.
    Today, even Robert and Per cannot certify you under the LEGO brand. Robert and Per recognise the quality of each other’s training, as does the rest of the LSP community, but as yet there is no single, global, recognised accreditation and certification system as you might find from the ICF for coaches or PMI for project managers.

    But honestly, given that you are in Sydney, contact Denise – it makes most sense.

    Good luck,



    Thanks Eli, I will contact Denise and go from there.

    Denise Meyerson

    Thanks Luke and Eli! We do offer train the facilitator training and I will be more than happy to assist you. We have trained about 40 facilitators over the past couple of years and most of them are actively using the process.
    Our next training dates are in September and if you give me your contact details, I will email you the program outline. My email is denise.meyerson@mci.edu.au.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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