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    Marko Rillo

    I have a question about your experience in flying with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Identity & Landscape and Connections Kit. Together they measure as two boxes of 58x16x49cm, which means that there is altogether 91 liters of LEGO bricks weighing over 18 kg for the luggage.

    Does anybody have any experience to share in fitting them in one of the large travel suitcases and fetching them around airports? What do you suggest?


    Hi Marko

    I took a kit to Holland, I bagged up the bits in zip lock bags of various sizes and stuffed the whole lot into a checked in bag.

    The absence of a hard box made the packing really easy.

    If you pour the big sets of bricks out onto flip chart paper in the workshop, it makes sliding the bits back into bags easy.

    Incidentally, I bought some great poly prop boxes for smaller bits, and they are shake resistant – meaning the tiny objects (like coins) stay in their separate compartments. If you want a photo just shout!


    Marko Rillo

    Sean – thanks for the ideas! Would be great to see a photo of your approach indeed – perhaps it might be an interesting front page post of the community to also provide some useful ideas for the others?

    To “compartmentalise” the bricks I have so far used this solution by Rubbermaid:

    One of the community members has referred to IRIS boxes:

    On retaining the large cardboard boxes – Robert responded to me privately: “Empty the boxes into the suitcase. Fold the boxes flat. Then recreate on location. That is what I typically do”

    Any other examples?

    Jeff Tagle

    Hi Marko,

    There is something called a “balikbayan box”, usually used by Filipino expats/immigrants when they want to bring a lot of personal belongings back to Manila. You can use the largest one which is about 60cm x 45cm x 60cm and either have it shipped in advance or just check it in with your luggage. You can fit several kits in there.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Marko,

    for a smaller set than the Landscape and Connections kits, I use an “Art Bin”. It is a compartmentalized suitcase and it works well for me given that it helps organize the bricks by type if you wish and they don’t get mixed. Could work well for travelling since it’s easy small enough to take as a carry-on and easy to go through security ( – But as I said it’s not big enough for Landscape and Connections kits.


    My solution was: select out few bricks (pencil cup/ unused parts: overall 2trays). I bought this “grandma trolley” + some boxes. Connect them with a hook. This package was below the limit:

    On the airport I used this plastic foil what they provide. Worked for me, but depends. Important part is to buy a trolley which has wide enough wheels. A foldable one is better. I only brought 10 bags of small kit. Also good thing to put the bricks into plastic bags.

    BUT nowadays I’m thinking on changeing the system:

    pro: strong, standard size, modular. You can buy inner trays and boxes as well
    con: too heavy (1.5kg/ box)

    2. IKEA system:
    pro: lightweight, different sizes, cheap, easy to get another box.
    con: LEGO trays doesn’t fit, you have to use different one. Can’t lock the boxes. Not that strong. No lock/solution to close the top, so you need to use a tape or so.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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