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  • Omayer posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 5 years, 10 months ago

    Hi, Interested in becoming a certified LSP facilitator. I run a small innovations consultancy called Octapult. I have recently signed a client looking at establishing a social innovations lab. Wondering if anyone on this forum could guide me. I live in Lahore, Pakistan.

    • Would be happy to help you. I can send you my full program, please forward me your contact details. Next availble program is in London in January, program closest to you will be in Amman, Jordan in March (23-26)

  • Had the pleasure of providing LSP taster session to a large construction company.
    hopefully be convinced to receive full one, feedback was very positive and willing to carry for proper proposal

  • Chrissi Nerantzi posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years ago

    @admin Hi Marko, I am trying to find out if I can search the members list. Is it possible to add a name and check if they are a member? Please let me know when you can. Thank you. Chrissi

  • Eli De Friend posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 1 month ago

    Wishing you all a very productive couple of days in Billund. Sorry that Joyce and I couldn’t make it this time round – just a bit too busy on a variety of different professional and personal projects for once.

    I just read a reply by Leif Kjaer Karlsen to my comment about protecting the core values, principles, etc. of LSP. What he says is very…[Read more]

  • Eli De Friend posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 1 month ago

    A Potential Breach in LSP Core Values???

    As a follow-on from the conversation with Gabriel, I thought I’d trawl the net for any reference to Swisscom and LSP. Apart from our own CAPRESE web site, and the Xing profile of our main client representative, I also saw a link to a page in German:…[Read more]

    • According to my information from a former colleague, now employed at DSG Berlin, JK (during a WS Sept. 7th.) by using the LSP concept name represented a directly contradiction of all the LSP values, principles and etiquette. Including that the core steps of LSP were not followed and after woods by various participants named as a complete disaster.…[Read more]

  • Gabriel posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 1 month ago

    Hello all, I am working my way to secure a large Telecom service provider. I saw in various presentations that Swisscom actually used LSP. Can anyone tell me for what application exactly and if at all possible which division of Swisscom?
    Thank you

  • To whom it may concern: Identity and Landscapekits are available again (at least in the Dutch online LEGO-shop)

  • Sebastian posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 2 months ago

    Hi! If you use LSP for team building and organization discussions… here is something to start with :)

  • Gabriel posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 3 months ago

    Hello everyone, I am about to give my first ever LSP workshop next week and had a question: anyone know if LSP was used in the financial sector (banking or other)? My client is a state-owned development bank and I am sure they would be thrilled to know if that were the case!


    • Ive done bank of tokyo mitsubishi japan’s largest bank for last 1.5 years. 1 to 2 two day sessions per month.
      Also 10 sessions for bank mandiri indonesia’s largest bank which is also state owned.
      Also AXA insurance one if worlds largest for 2 sessions last 2 months.

    • hi, I have used it with two major UK banks, one large bank in Southern Europe. I have not personally used it with banks in Scandinavia (where I live), but believe it has happened

  • Jim Hwang posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 4 months ago

    May I have your experience if I want to use LSP starter kit only for 25-30 people in 1-1.5 hr to make group describe current team profile and ideal vision? It is part of full day team building or leasership workshop.

  • Simon Horan posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 6 years, 4 months ago

    Looking to use LSP in an international conference of 150 to 200 people in China – any previous experience of do’s, don’ts, avoids, musts etc. gratefully received

    • Hi Simon, I am curious about your challenge. Here are some of my questions: Is this a conference or a workshop? If it’s a conference, how will you be using LSP? Will you be demonstrating the methodology or do you have specific business objectives to address? Will all 150 conference participants be taking part in the LSP activity? How many…[Read more]

    • Hi Simon. I agree with Eli. Its very important to understand the overall output desired. If it is a reasonably complex question then you need a trained facilitator and assistant facilitators for every 8 to 12 pax. Alternatively train a person at each table as a facilitator for the day. I have done both. Just did a workshop on collaboration and…[Read more]

    • Simon, adding to the above (with which I am perfectly aligned), my experience with large groups, whether it is an intro to LSP or an actual delivery, is that music should be avoided, relatively small groups (6 per table) makes it easier to align, that sharing rounds are shorter, skills building is as always important, and finally that each…[Read more]

  • How would you deliver LSP taster session in 3 hours? anyone had similar experience?

    • hi Dr. Abeer,

      How many participants will be there? Depending on the number and your goal, you can try different exercises.

      Always begin with the tower/bridge challenge. And then move towards discovering the metaphore.

      You can try with the duck building if you want them to understand the particularity of each participant. Or you can try the…[Read more]

    • As Patricia has already pointed out – there are lots of different applications out there for short interventions. It depends greatly on your location, the type and size of your group. If you would fill us in about whom do you plan to deliver the taster session then we would be happy to brainstorm with you how to make it work.

      • Many thanks Marko
        I will have about 25-30 people for 1 hour
        any ideas?
        thanks for the reply

        • Hi, Dr. Abeer. Not too much time. It’s always important to help the group get used to the bricks, through building the tower or the bridge. Then, you might make them build a free model and one of the models from the booklet. And that’s almost it, with an hour.

          Good luck!

        • With this size of a group and this amount of time I would give a short introduction and make every person play with the contents of a window exploration bag. You can choose to put people in groups of 4/5 and make them do some small excercises like building a tower to experience ownership, building small metaphors using a same starting point and do…[Read more]

          • Am with Wiro on this. in one hour, do a quick tower, followed by the explain this, and then something a bit personal or relevant to the theme. Make certain you have time, 15 min or so for a bit of discussion and sharing of how LSP works in companies

    • The Think With Your Hands workshop was designed to be a 3-hour experience, based on seeing groups get a lot out of the smaller format: .

      but in one hour, there are more impactful LEGO interventions (not really LSP) – the innovation ducks are always a winner; and I have heard great reviews of Per’s presentations at the…[Read more]

    • Quick reply, the approach I have used at Pegasus and other conferences is a robust skills building followed by a relevant AT1 challenge, and then a bit of supporting theory and finally case examples.
      It is very much following the experience – explain principle
      Happy to share more, if or when needed

  • Hello folk,
    I want to share with you my experience with LSP applied to job interview:
    Any comment or feedback is welcome.
    (p/d: if you think that it is not the right place to add this link, let me know it, I will delete right away)

    • Hello Omar,
      Very interesting. Can you share some of the questions you have used – although not prepared?

      • Hello Robert,

        Sure, here are few of them:

        What are your 2 more important weaknesses that will not help your future team?
        What had being the big challenges that you had confronted when you moved? (*)
        What threats could destroy your ideal job position?
        What is the nightmare of a self-employee person? (*)
        According to you, what are the 3 most…[Read more]

  • Jesus Salas posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 7 years, 5 months ago

    Hi everyone.
    I’m looking for some help.
    I want to buy the Lego serious play sets. I’m from Mexico and my girlfriend will be traveling to NY, she can bring me the sets.
    Does anybody know if she can buy the sets in a Lego store?
    I’m having trouble finding how to order the sets by internet. Any help?
    I appreciate your time.

    • hi Jesus
      the LSP kits are not available in any retail stores, only through the 800 number you can find on You can then have them delivered to an adress in NYC

      • Thanks Per. I will order them today.
        I’ll buy the exploration bag set. 10 starter kit and the Identity and landscape.
        I hope that would be enoght to start making workshops at nterprises

  • Hi there

    Finally I received LSP starter kits and one identity kit. Unfortunately the only material provided with the package was the 15 page imaginopedia leaflet whic provides basics information about the LSP.

    I assumed that there is manuals on the LSP processes and techniques and how to conduct workshops but nothing was provided. I have used…[Read more]

    • Hi AbuAnas,
      No, you are not msising anything in the shipment from LEGO. And to be honest there really isn’t anything available that would be useful for you without first having gone through the training. Doing LSP might seem easy, because building with LEGO bricks are, but the fact are that all the value comes from how to first design the…[Read more]

      • Hi Robert,

        Thank you for your feedback. I am planning to attend the course offered by you. I was referring to the course in Holland but when I looked to the Calendar it is now in Madrid.

        You mentioned some material is available would you be kind enough and tell me where can I obtain this material?


        • Hi AbuAnas,
          The session in Holland got moved to a week later beginning of October – fyi!
          The background materials that you can begin to read I have in mind I can email to you, if you let me know which address to use.
          Nothing of it though will enable you to design and facilitate before the training.

  • Hi
    I am relatively new to SLP I have attended an innovation course where the SLP was used and read the scarce material available online. I am planning to use SLP to facilitate workshops for my clients to build innovative business models, innovative ads campaign, innovative new products and innovative problem solving.

    Right now I am in the process…[Read more]

    • Hi there,

      I thought I would reply, before you receive any comments from any of the interested parties. The LSP Facilitator Qualification is given by the Master Trainers who used to deliver the official facilitator training offered by The LEGO Company. The programme may have been improved since moving to Open Source, but you can be guaranteed that…[Read more]

    • Dear Abu,

      Welcome to the SeriousPlayPro community and thank you for considering Lego Serious Play as a valuable tool for your work!

      For your question about training – there are several people who provide training in the field of Lego Serious Play and which one you choose is up to your preferences. There are two original master trainers of the…[Read more]

  • Hi all! We are preparing some workshop for our municipality – preparing family policy – but the city officials wants some more case studies using LSP for municipality or local governments. Do you know about some examples. I found some examples in the Nielsen´s Ph.D. research, but it would help us to find some more examples.

    • Hello Robin,

      We currently have a series of six one-day workshops, as part of a mission entrusted by the Regional Council of the Centre region (France) and by state officials in the region (Department of Labour and Employment). The objective of this mission is to educate the various local partners (municipality, chambers, social partners,…[Read more]

    • hi Robin,
      i’m about to present a project to use LSP to define the strategi plan for my municipality 2050 (San Isidro, Argentina). Good to know there are others using it. If I can implement it, I’ll let you know how it works. And I’d love to hear about your experiences as well.

      thanks, Patricia

    • hi Robin
      We did a 1,5 days vision session for a department (administrative area) in the City of Copenhagen. It was a relatively large workshop with +100 participants.They made a vision for the entire department and one for their relevant sub-groups. Further that we also did one for a medium sized town here in Denmark, that was for the leadership…[Read more]

  • Hi Patricia,
    Our latest e-newsletter is about LSP in Latin America. Here is a mentioning of some of the companies that use LSP and also links to the sub-community.
    You can view it at:

    • thanks Robert for the info. Very interesting.

      Hope to meet you here if you ever come to BA. Best,

    • Hi Patricia and Per
      As for shipping I did speak to Tormod about three weeks ago. Nothing new and nothing on the horizon either. My guess is that until further the only way is to have someone purchase it for you in either US or a EU country and then repackage and reship. That is what we have ended doing for Japan, where there is good LSP…[Read more]

  • hi Per, listen, do you happen to know wchich are the Latin American companies that have already tried this methodology? Thanlks, Patricia

    • hi Patricia, not certain, I think the guys in the “Spanish” sub-community would know better. I have not really done business in Latin-America
      good luck

      • thanks Per. As you said, Robert sent me info on the LA business. By the way, any new ideas on how to get the products from here. Opportunities are mving faster than expected and it is becoming a serious problem, not play………. :))

        see you, Patricia

        • Hi, sounds good with business. I haven’t heard from LEGO for a while, will ask again. Have you spoken with Lucio Margulis about this

  • Jolly Thomas posted an update in the group Group logo of Serious Play ForumSerious Play Forum 9 years, 7 months ago

    Hi! I am interested in being certified as a Serious Play facilitator – I live in Bahrain. Unfortunately the early April dates in the UK were not feasible.
    Are there any other training opportunities in the Middle East / UK for May or August?

    • hi Jolly
      I am doing one in Dublin in May. Strictly speaking, it is not the UK, but hopefully sufficiently close.
      We start one the 9th in the morning (8.30) and finish later afternoon on the 12th. I currently do not have trainings planned in August, but looking at doing one in September (also two in June, Houston and Brussels)
      Hope some of these…[Read more]

      • Thanks Per – would consider Dublin – although my personal preference would be the UK or Middle East – any possibility of either location being in the pipeline? Jolly

    • hi,
      would be great if you could join us in Dublin.
      I have not fully planned/scheduled my trainings in the second half of 2011, so the possibility is there (for late 2011)
      Would be happy to connect on skype if you want to hear more

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