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Lego Serious Play Starter Kit Contents

November 18, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

Lego Serious Play Starter Kit Contents

An interesting YouTube video clip of unpacking of the box shows the contents of Lego Serious Play Starter Kit ( 2000414).

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Lego Serious Play Kits Now Available at Lego Online Shop

November 4, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

LSP window bag pile

Lego Window Exploration Bag – art.2000409

LSP connections kit

Connection Kit – art. 2000431

LSP identity and landscape kit

Identity and Landscape Kit – art. 2000430

LSP starter kit

Starter Kit – art. 2000414

Starting from today you can directly order all four LSP kits directly via LEGO Online Shop:
- Lego Serious Play Set of 100 Exploration Bags (2000409)
- Lego Serious Play Starter Kit (2000414)
- Lego Serious Play Identity and Landscape Kit (2000430)
- and Lego Serious Play Connections Kit (2000431).
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Serious Play Starter Kit Replacement

October 15, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

Lego Ultimate Building Set

Lego Ultimate Building Set

As Serious Play Starter Kit is again out of stock then people have asked about the suggestions on what are the best options for replacing those kits. Starter Kit comes with 214 items included and there is not a single option for replacement. However, there are two alternatives to contemplate:

  • Lego BuildToExpress (200 pieces) has fewer elements than LSP Starter Kit, but it includes a number of elements for interesting story-telling (Kings, castles, skeletons, a number of small interesting items – phones etc). For this reason it is slightly more expensive for EUR 35 and you may only purchase it via Lego Education regional websites.
  • However, Lego Ultimate Building Set (with 405 pieces) is a larger set, but has more generic pieces. Therefore it is less expensive than the starter kit. You may purchase it for USD 25.50 via Amazon. It has a small base plate and a number of generic building blocks – some wheels, some minifigs and some special elements, which might be useful for business metaphor building. UPDATE: based on Abu’s suggestion I might suggest this set for group-work in a pair. The number of bricks in this box makes it an adequate building set for two people simultaneously. The only downside for the team of two is that it has only got one 16×16-stud small green base plate. You might want to add one of the 10-inch base plates as an extra in that event.

DIY Lego Serious Play Kit for 10 Participants

August 25, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

While some Lego Serious Play kits are out of stock, let me give you my approach that I used a few months ago. I visited our local LEGO reseller and created the kits with their help. To help you I have added here below a step-by-step guide on how you could do the same with links to website, where today all the items seem to be in stock.

If you have any questions about the set then I would be more than happy to comment. Furthermore I know that many of us have used customised sets. If you have some good experience with some of the sets then you are more than welcome to share your examples, too.

Bear in mind that this Do-It-Yourself approach requires some preparatory work. What is good is that the price of the suggested collection for a group of 10 people would be more or less in par with the LSP Landscape and Identity Kit, i.e. it will vary between 500-600 EUR depending on how many individual items you purchase. However, this collection will have certain limitations. There are some particular items in the LSP kits, which are usually important business metaphors, but are unfortunately so rare in Lego stock that no other sets include them in sufficient quantity. You will have to do without them:

  • Rubber and string connectors, tubes and rods that are included in the Connections Kit
  • Stop-signs, speed limits and roadblocks. Unfortunately even not other traffic kits have a good selection of them
  • Fortresses, glass walls, transparent ‘meteors’, spider-webs and fences

I suggest you to check the database of the Brickset.Com. The contents of present Lego Serious Play kits have been nicely described on their site: Window Exploration Bag, Starter Kit, Identity and Landscape Kit and Connections Kit. Both the Window Exploration Bag and the Starter Kit are personalised kits. Purchasing their parts and piling them into subgroups would constitute a hassle that would be too much to handle. Instead it is a good idea to identify something that would be as close as possible to the getting a whole Landscape and Identity Kit and a part of the Connections Kit for group work for each of the tables, as this approach provides the most value for group facilitation tasks.

This step-by-step guide will help you to create a set that would be appropriate for a group of 10-15 people. See below for the detailed description.

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Survey for LEGO

March 22, 2011 in About Lego

The following message arrived from Tracy Suff from LEGO:

Dear community members

Thank you for welcoming me onto this platform. I’m here to invite you to join me in estimating the quantity of Serious Play products you think you will need in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

As you know, the fiddle bags (window exploration bag art.2000409) ran out unexpectedly earlier this year and we are producing more of these now, so fresh stock will be available from 25th April. This happened because there has been a significant increase in order activity for LEGO Serious Play products since the start of the year and the stock we had forecasted would last us a great deal longer, than it did. In order to try to prevent this from happening again, and to forecast how demand is likely to develop in the coming years we have put a simple survey together which I hope as many of you will take in the coming days as possible.

This survey asks you to estimate the number of products you think you will need this year, in 2012, and in 2013.  (I know 2013 is nigh on impossible to do, but I include the question anyway so give me your best guess). I know some of you have also asked about shipping to countries not represented by Shop@Home so also I wanted to canvas your sense of how this might be developing in the future.

You can find the survey here –

I will need your responses by Thursday the 24th of March the very latest as I need to plug in the results into a forecast for production to be delivered on Friday the 25th. Short notice I know, but I hope you are able to help and please alert as many of your colleagues to this as possible. Based on the forecasting findings we will take a decision on approaches to production and relevant fulfilment options that would make the most sense to ensure continued support of the open source model.

Thanks in advance,

Tracy Suff on behalf of Cecilia Weckstrom,

The LEGO Group

New Serious Play Products Announced by LEGO

May 17, 2010 in About Lego Serious Play

With the introduction of SERIOUS PLAY Open Source model – LEGO has somewhat changed its product portfolio and announced 4 product types that it is shipping worldwide for the SERIOUS PLAY applications. All are well familiar to facilitators. You may order the products via your selected facilitator or directly via Serious Play website.

Window Exploration Bag

LSP window bag pile

Lego Window Exploration Bag - art.2000409

These small bags come in a box that holds a collection of 100. One bag per participant. It is useful either for short “teaser” workshops or for introductory tasks – for skills building or for warm up.

Each bag includes:

  • Small selection of standard bricks.
  • Small selection of special elements and minifigure parts.
  • Small LEGO SERIOUS PLAY folder.

Starter Kit

LSP starter kit

Starter Kit - art. 2000414

Comes as one kit per participant. Can be used for warm up and some initial tasks for longer workshops or for problem solving tasks during well framed meetings.

Each kit includes:

  • Selection of standard LEGO bricks combined with a few DUPLO elements.
  • Selection of special elements such as wheels, tires, windows, trees, minifigure parts, sticks, globes and small base plates
  • Imaginopedia for Core Process.

Identity and Landscape Kit

LSP identity and landscape kit

Identity and Landscape Kit - art. 2000415

One kit per group of 10-12 participants. Can be used for full 1-3 days of group workshop that is aimed at building shared understanding of a new strategy, a complex problem, new identity or to brainstorm for out-of-box creative ideas.

Each kit includes:

  • Large special mix of LEGO bricks combined with DUPLO elements including animals.
  • Extensive selection of special elements such as wheels, tires, windows, trees, minifigure parts, sticks, globes, spiral tubes, ladders, fences and spider webs.
  • Large selection of base plates.
  • 3 grey plastic sorting trays.

Connections Kit

LSP connections kit

Connection Kit - art. 2000413

One kit per group of 10-12 participants. Can be used for follow-up of the full workshop that is aimed at building complex relationships between different actors at a business landscape and explore how the system as a whole responds to changes in environment.

Each kit includes:

  • Large selection of long LEGO bricks.
  • Extensive selection of connecting elements such as spiral tubes, ladders, fences, bridges and strings.
  • 10 identical bags containing bricks for the “pencil case” exercise.
  • 3 light grey plastic sorting trays.

PS. Images have been taken from website.