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Lego Serious Play Starter Kits Available via Amazon

By Marko Rillo / January 8, 2015

Lego Serious Play Starter Kits can be also purchased via Amazon. While the price is more or less double that of the LEGO Shop , but if you are from one of the countries where LEGO is not delivering then this might be a convenient option for you.


Serious Play Starter Kit Detailed Contents

By Marko Rillo / October 17, 2014

See all Lego Serious Play Brick sets here. Manuel Grassler posted a question about Lego Serious Play bricks: “Hey, Today I got two sets of LSP Starter Kit for internal use in small discussions. Is there a complete bricklist around regarding the set so I can separate the two sets accordingly after use?” Lego has […]


Lego Serious Play is the grown-up office toy you’ll always wish you had

By Marko Rillo / September 19, 2014

Pocket-lint is the portal which analyses different cool gadgets. Yesterday Peter Jenkinson wrote a blog post about “Lego Serious Play is the grown-up office toy you’ll always wish you had” where he introduced the basic package of Lego Serious Play starter kit. Some of the sparkly new offices on the start-up scene have their fun […]


Another Lego Serious Play Starter Kit Unpacking Video

By Marko Rillo / June 24, 2014

After the post where the Lego Serious Play Starter Kit ( 2000414) was unpacked, recently another video has been uploaded to YouTube where a Dutch facilitator Rick Lindeman demonstrates the contents of the Starter Kit. The language of the video is also Dutch.


LSP Bricks Available Online

By Marko Rillo / May 20, 2014

Now you can directly order all four LEGO SERIOUS PLAY kits directly via LEGO Online Shop: – Lego Serious Play Set of 100 Exploration Bags (2000409) – Lego Serious Play Connections Kit (2000431) – Lego Serious Play Identity and Landscape Kit (2000430) – Lego Serious Play Starter Kit (2000414)       Inventory If you […]

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