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Introducing the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Holland meetup

Last week we got together with 8 Dutch Certified LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators to discuss forming a community of Dutch facilitators through opening a meetup group. It was great fun to meet one another, meeting good friends and making new ones. We had prepared a session to discuss how to work together, but consensus was already there before entering the room: Yes, we would open up a Dutch community of LSP facilitators!

We ate our own dog food to come to a mission statement for this new to be formed group. One of our own, Edwin de Vos facilitated the session and together we built and discussed: what are we here for? It must have been challenging for Edwin, facilitating and joining the session at the same time, but we had good fun and had a great discussion.

Forming LSP Holland -  Mariska sharing her model
Forming LSP Holland – Mariska sharing her model

The following is the mission statement of our new Dutch community as can be found here on meetup: http://www.meetup.com/LegoSeriousPlayHolland/pages/LEGO®_SERIOUS_PLAY®_Holland_mission_statement/


The mission of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Holland:

Working on the growth and success of LSP and our facilitators in a fun, open and transparant way.

During the kickstart of our meetup group we talked and built a long time about why we are coming together, what we would like to achieve and for whom.

We are targeting these groups:

  • LSP facilitators
  • Potential LSP clients
  • Potential LSP facilitators

What we would like to do in this meetup group is:

  • Share with each other
  • Learn from one another
  • Inspire each other
  • Bring more attention to LEGO SERIOUS PLAY
  • Connect together to strengthen each other
  • Make an effort for Non-profit organizations

Together we have come to the following values and attitudes:

  • Transparant
  • Constructive criticism
  • Fun
  • Success
  • Growth

Hope to see you soon at a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Holland meetup!


2014 Lego Serious Play Community Meeting

Together with LEGO we have decided on September 15 – 16 as the dates for our annual gathering of trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators. The meeting will still be hosted by LEGO and held at the LEGO Company in Billund, Denmark.

The previous years this annual meeting has been scheduled in connection with the LEGO IDEA Day event thus giving us the opportunity to join both events. This is not the case for 2014. LEGO has decided to change the format for their LEGO IDEA Day. As a consequence they will not be extending the kind general invitations, which we have benefited from in the past. A benefit of this separation of the two events is that we are not forced to limit the number of LSP facilitators attending the September 15 – 16 gathering.

The terms for participating in the community meeting are:
–  you have completed a recognized LSP facilitator training program
–  you pay for your own travel and lodging costs, whereas participating in the meeting itself is free of charge

Similar to 2013 we will organize the meeting in cooperation with LEGO. The content of the meeting will to a large extend be delivered by the participants.

If you consider joining the event, reserve dates and stay tuned for more information in the spring of 2014. All communication about the event will happen via www.seriousplaypro.com

Best Regards and Happy Holidays

Per and Robert

Lego Serious Play Event in Ferrara [Italy] – 20-23 March 2013

Are you an LSP facilitator with an amazing experience you would like to share? Would you  like to present your research, books or thoughts about LSP, Heritage or inclusivity? Or are you simply curious to see how LEGO SERIOUS PLAY works? A four days’ event in Ferrara [Italy] on 20 – 23 March 2013 will focus on LSP theory, practice and application. 

The event
Restauro, the trade fair for the Art of Restoration and Conservation of our Cultural and Environmental Heritage, is the first and most important Italian event dedicated to the art of restoration and the conservation of Italian artistic heritage taking place in Ferrara (Italy).  About 30.000 visitors attend the exhibition every year during the 4 days; the event is supported by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Activities and Heritage. Visitors are Architects, engineers, students and professionals who work within the Heritage domain.  This year the event is expected to gain a special attention, because of the Earthquake that hit Emilia Romagna in May 2012 that damaged and destroyed most of the local heritage.

The LEGO connection
The faculty of Architecture at University of Ferrara is a historical partner of Restauro, providing contents and showing the most advanced techniques in buildings’ restoration. This year the Faculty has accepted an educational challenge aiming at improving and encouraging students’ reflection on Heritage, also in consideration of the recent events which enormously affected the area. To achieve such a goal, and to experiment a new educational approach to help students to build their class project teams, we adopted an LSP-based approach. We run 3 workshops involving around 35 students divided in 3 groups, whose task was to reflect on the course  key concepts, Architecture and Heritage, and to build a shared model of the latter.  The outcome was exciting and students reflections have brought on the table a number of valuable and original concepts that they have developed further as a group, taking it from the negotiated meanings and the LEGO model they all built together.  After such a positive experience, the Department of Ferrara decided to organise an event that could combine the power of LEGO and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in a 4 days’ event with the goal to bring new ideas about Heritage in a place, and in a moment, where new inputs are needed the most.

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Certification Programs in Designing and Facilitating with the LEGO(r) SERIOUS PLAY(r) method

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY (LSP) is a facilitated process, and the results and impact of the process are directly tied to the quality of the facilitation. The objective with our LSP facilitator-training program is to provide the facilitator with the insights, confidence and commitments necessary to prepare and facilitate the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY process in a way that gives maximum value to the end-user and has lasting impact.

The training schedule for 2012 currently includes the following sessions:

France, Paris, February 13 – 16: Stage 1 and Stage 2
Spain, Madrid, February 20 – 23: Stage 1 and Stage 2
Central America, Panama City, March 19 – 22: Stage 1 and Stage 2
United States,  Boston, March 26 – 29: Stage 1 and Stage 2
Denmark, Odense, May 21 – 24: Stage 1 and Stage 2
Asia, Singapore,  September 10 – 13: Stage 1 and Stage 2
United States, Boston, October 15 – 18: Stage 1 and Stage 2

The training content follows the updated program and use the new full facilitator manual developed by Per Kristiansen and myself. The program meets the standards set by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology. Facilitators will receive document of qualification upon completion of the training. The training provides the facilitator with hands-on experiences, theory, facilitation guidelines and application ideas.

For more details please contact me by email: robert@rasmussenconsulting.dk or skype: lego_serious_play

Community Meeting

Update: We will be moving the community meeting into the spring. Hope to see many of you in 2012

Dear all
When some of us met at the LEGO Idea conference earlier this year, the idea of a real (as opposed to virtual) community meeting emerged.

We, Trivium, voluntered to host and drive this conference. Based on the input we got we will be working on a program. Sofar we have settled on some dates:

October 25-26; 2011

Location will be Copenhagen, Denmark

We expect to start with lucnh on the 25th and work untill late afternoon on the 26th. We will post more on the program as it evolves

We hope to see many of you

SeriousPlayPro.com website is up

During our LEGO SERIOUS PLAY training sessions at Billund with Per Kristiansen and Jacquie Lloyd Smith our group came to conclusion that it would be of utmost importance that we set up an impartial community website that connects certified SERIOUS PLAY facilitators.
After some initial exchanges of information the core of the website – SERIOUSPLAYpro.COM has been set up. Welcome!

SeriousPlayPro.com Logo
SeriousPlayPro.com Logo

It is obviously still at beta testing mode so if you identify any links that do not work or propose some new functions then do not hesitate to contact us.