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Building LEGO Collage for Anti-Bullying – Upcoming Event

Upcoming event with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY by I am Anti Bully #iamantibully – Saturday, February 7, 2015 from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PST) Vancouver, BC. Register here.

I am anti bully LEGO Poster
I am anti bully LEGO Poster

Looking to embrace your creative genius?

Here’s a challenge for you – show your commitment as an anti-bully through building with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®! Form a team of 4 with your family and friends, or sign up as an individual to join a team, and enjoy an afternoon of fun playing with LEGO® bricks. Ticket price includes light refreshments, LEGO® materials to build with at the event and your very own LEGO® hero keychain to keep and take home!

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Using Lego Serious Play to teach Software Engineering

by Stan Kurkovsky, kurkovsky@ccsu.edu, @SKurkovsky

Software engineering courses at the post-secondary level usually integrate students’ programming skills with their knowledge in many other areas of computing, such as databases, security, or computer networks. Software engineering, however, is much more than simply putting existing knowledge and skills to practice. There are many important principles and concepts that are central to the practice of modern software engineering, such as requirements engineering, emergent properties, socio-technical systems, etc. Given the engineering nature of the discipline, one of the best ways to learn these principles is usually to apply them in a practical context, such as a case study.

Lego Serious Play Case Study for Software Engineering - by Stan Kurkovski
Lego Serious Play Case Study for Software Engineering – by Stan Kurkovski

Recently, we began using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY as a foundation for hands-on case studies to teach the core concepts of software engineering to senior (4th year) students at a university. As with all LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshops, students were first introduced to  LEGO SERIOUS PLAY by participating in a skill building session, which took an entire 75-minute period. All of our case studies went beyond building individual models and included building either a shared, a landscape model, or both, which promotes team building and creating of shared understanding. These two kinds of models force students to compare their thoughts and views on the same concept, which helps each student correct any possible misconceptions and crystallize their understanding of that concept. We piloted several LSP-based case studies, one of which is described below.

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Annual Community Meeting for trained and certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators

Lego Serious Play Days in 2014
Lego Serious Play Days in 2014

Still energized by the meeting earlier this year, we have looked at the many inputs and set dates for the 2015. It will be September 28 and 29; it seems to represent the best global compromise. The venue will be in Billund, Denmark. LEGO Company HQ is located in Billund.

The meeting is open for certified facilitators.

We will post more information about the meeting and call for presentations in April – May.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season

Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen
Association of Master Trainers.

The LEGO® – Retrospective

Slightly different from “classic” LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology, Dominic Krimmer (Twitter@dkrimmer84) has written an interesting case study about the combination of LEGO and Scrum tools. Here is his blog post “The LEGO Retrospective

LEGO Retrospective by Dominic Krimmer
LEGO Retrospective by Dominic Krimmer

The LEGO® – Retrospective is a quite nice method I tried out with a team in my current company. The reason why this exercise is so exciting is the fact that team members are joining a totally new creative space where they can try out to express their thoughts on an abstract layer. In this post I’d like to share some experiences about this improvised retrospective.

Time needed:
preparation: 10 minutes
retrospective: 60-90 minutes

What you can expect:

The LEGO® – Retrospective helps teams to dive into another kind of space where the rules of ordinary life are temporarily suspended and replaced with the rules of this game. As almost everybody played with LEGO® in his childhood you can expect a high engagement as adults might love to remember the good old creative time :-)

Object of play the LEGO® – Retrospective:

Most of us are familiar with LEGO® – one of the best known brand toys. This game gives team members an opportunity to express their views on an abstract way. It’s valuable because you are able to create the conditions that will allow unexpected and surprising solutions to emerge.

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LEGO Fire Walk

Lego Fire Walk
Lego Fire Walk from Toy Kingdom

Looking for something to spice up your LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation sessions? Do you have in mind something far worse than hot coals?

According to some reliable community sources that have collected more than 40 thousand storytellers who share their first hand personal experience on the matter, there is not a single more painful thing in the whole human experience than an unsuspecting and unprotected individual stepping barefoot on a single Lego brick that has been left unattended to a dark bedroom of a 5-year old.

What a better way to build your self-confidence, stamina and motivation than to let yourself be immersed into a stream of pain that has been scattered over a three-meter excruciating walkway.

If you try to introduce your workshop participants to a LEGO fire walk, but consult a health adviser first!

Many thanks to Erki Uustalu for a great link!

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Win Lego Mindstorms Robot

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 RobotSomething for Friday Fun!

Cogmation Robotics has created a sweepstakes campaign to provide exclusive offers from Virtual Robotics Toolkit. This competition gives you a chance to win a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3 Robot and some cash. The campaign is open until December 15. If you want to enter click the link below: http://vrtlaunch.cogmation.com/giveaways/vrt-launch/?lucky=4813

Overview of the New Lego Serious Play site

Lego Serious Play New Website at lego.com/en-us/seriousplay
Lego Serious Play New Website at lego.com/en-us/seriousplay

Lego has published its new website at http://www.lego.com/en-us/seriousplay/. A great initiative to bring Serious Play solutions closer to the core of Lego customers. The website consists of the following parts:

  • Front page
  • The method – Description of the Lego Serious Play method
  • Leverage your organization’s expertise – information about why and when to use Lego Serious Play
  • Background – Information about the history and research on Lego Serious Play
  • Facilitator – Information about Lego Serious Play facilitator communities
  • Material – Information about Lego Serious Play bricks
  • Contact – Information
  • FAQ – Most important questions about Lego Serious Play

Most importantly – the Open Source section from the old website has disappeared! The only document that Lego has retained is the set of its Trademark Guidelines. The primary focus of the site now rests with the quality of facilitation.

The detailed contents of the new website sections are below
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