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Impressions on Lego Serious Play

By Marko Rillo / January 28, 2016

This post was originally published on Excella Consulting blog page. Written by Trent Hone. Reposted with the kind permission of Janelle Ducott Here at Excella, our Agile Coaching Circle meets monthly to give us an opportunity to share techniques and sharpen our skills. In our last meeting, we did a Lego exercise to explore opportunities […]


TrainIT uses LSP for the first time and loved it!

By Joseph Snyder / January 20, 2016

Our fledgling training company needed to come to agreement on our future plans, vision and goals. My assignment during my facilitator training was to design the workshop. Weeks passed without being able to find a day when everyone’s busy schedules would permit us to commit to a fun day of HARD FUN! MLK day was the […]


Purchasing Random LEGO Bricks

By Marko Rillo / December 29, 2015

Environmentally conscious buyers have been looking for opportunities to buy second hand LEGO bricks. You may be familiar with the selection of Ebay. Recently also Amazon started selling second hand random LEGO bricks for a cheap price that you may use in your LSP sessions or meetups. Many reviewers have been pretty unhappy with their […]


LEGO Serious Play Course at The Dali Museum

By Dali Museum Innovation Labs / November 2, 2015

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is an innovative, experiential process designed to enhance business performance. In this unique 3-day certification course at The Dali Museum, participants will learn to leverage the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to help teams communicate more effectively, to engage their imaginations more readily, and to approach their work with increased confidence, commitment and insight. The techniques learned in this program will quickly become go-to tools for trainers, facilitators, managers and team leaders responsible for leading group problem solving, brainstorming challenges and strategic planning initiatives.

The powerful methodology will be facilitated by a team of expert trainers, and participants will explore and practice the tools and techniques with a diverse cohort of learners in an intimate setting overlooking the beautiful waters of Tampa Bay.



By Micael Buckle / September 14, 2015

BLIV CERTIFICERET TRAINED FACILITATOR PÅ HOTEL LEGOLAND® I BILLUND Få en certificering på et 4 dages internatkursus på Hotel LEGOLAND®, og oplev mulighederne med LEGO® SOM LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® TRAINED FACILITATOR KAN DU: Udvikle, forandre og styrke din organisation og teamsamarbejdet. Optimere processer og performance i organisationen. Strukturere og implementere de strategiske mål. MED UDDANNELSEN VIL DU FÅ: […]


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY at Harvard Business School

By Marko Rillo / July 30, 2015

The following was published at HBS@Work Resource Library as “The Magic Behind Innovation” What do magic and LEGO® have to do with innovation? At HBS Executive Education’s Leading Product Innovation program, the answer is: “everything.” The rationale behind the continuous changes to Harvard Business School Executive Education’s Leading Product Innovation program is simple: “How can […]


Lego Flow Game

By Marko Rillo / June 14, 2015

This is one of those posts that is situated at the borders of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. Namely the exercises that use LEGO bricks, but are not SERIOUS PLAY. However, one of your customers might be looking forward to those types of tasks as a facilitator, as well. So here we come. Lego Flow Game – […]

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