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Academy of Best Practices with Lego Serious Play

Wonderfull Lego Serious Play Lab - Academy of Best Practices
Wonderfull Lego Serious Play Lab – Academy of Best Practices

Wonderfull design thinking and creative intelligence lab supported already twice SAP educational initiative on change management and business transformation. It’s hard to imagine successful business without creative thinking, right? This is why we are here! To share creative energy, best team working practices and design thinking tools for making business innovative.

SAP CEP Academy goal is to share best global practices in change management and business transformation with Russian and CIS participants, which includes companies from diverse industries, including gas and oil, telecom, retail, banking and service.

Here is the place for creative education. We use game tools, visual and design thinking approaches to create really outstanding educational experience for participants! How does it work with serious business people? It works brilliantly!

Lego Serious Play helps to build visual metaphors, which help to see all the main strategic issues and problems, and also potential ways to solve them. For people taking strategic decisions LSP gives a prototyping tool for building and visualizing possible future scenarios, which give unique opportunity in a short time, with no resources predict and rebuild vision.

Empathy exercises and design thinking brainstorming practice give business participants new tools and open their minds in an unconventional way. All the business cases and other edu stuff we redesigned to make it clear for everyone, easy to grasp and use in team working through design. So, how to change the business? Start from your own, change yourself!

Lego Serious Play with 1500 participants in Chile

Lego Serious Play Sketchnote by El Lente De Kris
Lego Serious Play Sketchnote by El Lente De Kris

The following news was published on the website of the Society for Human Resource Management.

SANTIAGO, CHILE–The World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA) kicked off its 15th World HR Congress here, on October 15.

Organized by the Circulo Ejecutivo de Recursos Humanos of Chile, this biannual international event has become a major draw for global HR leaders, including dozens of CEOs of national HR organizations, like the Society for Human Resource Management’s own Hank Jackson.

The HR Congress commenced with a unique workshop, in which the 1,500 conference attendees, at tables of eight to 10 each, broke into bags of Legos and began testing their creativity. The session, “Building an Identity,” was facilitated by Lego Serious Play consultants Robert Rasmussen and Lucio Margulis, who guided participants through several fun challenges.

The problem with meetings, said Rasmussen, is that people tend to be disengaged—“leaning back.” People are distracted; thinking about what to say or glancing at their phones. The result is lack of participation, insight and interest in the decision-making process.

Instead, the goal at meetings should be to get everyone “leaning forward,” 100 percent engaged and committed to the outcome.

At first, conference attendees were absorbed by building their own Lego towers, then they graduated to constructing free-form abstractions representing what companies would look like in the absence of HR. Finally, they were challenged to create a group model incorporating structures that had been built individually, thereby giving 3-D expression to what HR will look like in the future.

Sean McCusker’s Research Paper on Lego®, Seriously: Thinking through Building

Sean McCusker
Sean McCusker

The International Journal of Knowledge, Innovation and Entreprenurship published the paper of Serious Play Pro community member Sean McCusker about Lego®, Seriously: Thinking through building. Sean is Research Fellow in the School of Education of Durham University.

The paper presents a case study about how groups engaged in a workshop that guided them through work with their own identities. They started off by describing their current identities. Thereafter they built ideal models and analyzed through series of shared model building tasks on how to best move towards the ideal. The paper offers a generic comparison of group-work properties between general preschool teachers group, mathematics teachers group and a group from small engineering firm. It broadly described their engagement in the task.

The paper abstract is: “LEGO® Serious Play™ (LSP) is a methodology which has been developed primarily for use in business contexts, initially with Real-Time Identity for You, Real-Time Strategy for the Team and Real-Time Strategy for the Enterprise. However, many of the principles which underpin the methodology are supported within the educational research literature. The findings discussed here represent some of the efforts in reclaiming LSP for the educational domain. The current study introduces LSP as a method of getting at participants’ understanding of their own professional identities. It details the process of the development of workshops and reflects on the aspects of ‘What Works’ within and across a small number of educational contexts. Results from two distinct groups are discussed, pre-service Teachers and Employees in a Small / Medium Enterprise (SME).”

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Inventory of 2000409 Window Exploration Bag

LSP window exploration bag 2000409 pile
Lego Window Exploration Bag – art.2000409

As a follow up to yesterday’s post about the detailed contents of Lego Serious Play Starter Kit I will also post here the full inventory of Lego Window Exploration Bag (art.2000409). The package comes with separately sealed 100 window exploration bags. Therefore the following table shows the contents of a single Window Exploration Bag. Images again taken from Lego Service Replacement Parts database that you can use in case you find that some bricks are either missing or broken.
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Serious Play Starter Kit Detailed Contents

2000411 Serious Play Starter Kit
2000411 Serious Play Starter Kit

Manuel Grassler posted a question about Lego Serious Play bricks: “Hey, Today I got two sets of LSP Starter Kit for internal use in small discussions. Is there a complete bricklist around regarding the set so I can separate the two sets accordingly after use?”

Lego has got great Service Portal for replacement parts: https://service.lego.com/en-us/replacementparts/. I have experienced that in case any of the items might be missing, broken or should you happen to break one of the pieces during your building exercises they will replace the missing items for you within a very short period.

Their database is a great resource also because when you enter the item code (e.g. Lego Serious Play Starter Kit) then you just enter the product code “2000414” on page 3 and on page 4 you can see the full list of all items included in this set. For your convenience I have copied all the contents of  Lego Serious Play Starter Kit 2000414 for you below.

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Lego Serious Play on Twitter – #LegoSeriousPlay and What to Follow

Lego Serious Play Twitter fans have used already quite some time hashtag #LEGOSERIOUSPLAY to point to different interesting Lego Serious Play related events, posts, discussions, photos or videos. I suggest to continue doing so.

Lego Serious Play Pro on Twitter
Lego Serious Play Pro on Twitter

It would also be great to point out some avid Lego Serious Play friends and fans to follow on Twitter who primarily tweet in English. Sorry – if  I have forgotten somebody then please do add them (including by shameless self-promoting) in the comment fields below.

and last but not least our newly opened community Twitter site: https://twitter.com/SeriousPlayPro