LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in the University Classroom

Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself in this first blog post. I’m a Professor of Management and communications at Golden Gate University in San Francisco. In my 40-years of university classroom teaching, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® has really enhanced my work.

I’m really excited to start this conversation as I have a reputation as an innovative classroom professor. I strive to develop the learning environment into a comprehensive, interactive, retention-sustaining space for college students.

Along with my work at Golden Gate, I’m also a Colleague of the Creative Education Foundation, I’m also part of the voluntary leadership group for their annual Creative Problem Solving Institute (CPSI). And I’m an active two-dimensional artist working in watercolor and dye-on-silk media.

The purpose of this blog is to explore the applications of the use of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology and facilitation in university-level classrooms. Using LEGO® bricks and a demanding facilitation process can lead, in my classroom experience, to a deeper grasp of salient concepts form the course curriculum.

I would like to share some of my ideas and hope that you will do the same. Some ideas to start us off might be as follows;

  • Types of modules and applications
  • Relationship to neuroscience and learning discoveries
  • Complexity of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® models
  • Lesson planning
  • Facilitation techniques

I look forward to seeing and hearing your ideas. Cheers! Off we go.

Walt Stevenson


Design Thinking and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY


When the new editors for the site asked if I would assume responsibility for being the Design Thinking expert and curator of this special topic area, I immediately replied “YES!”. I spent a few decades as a Design Thinker before discovering LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® and love exploring how the two overlap and integrate. My hope is that this will become a place for us all to explore more, together. The purpose of this first post is to propose a few goals for this group and get the conversation started.

There are three simple objectives:

  • To inspire and encourage a global community of LSP practitioners to evolve our discipline in collaborative and innovative ways.
  • To foster shared understanding of the relationship between Design Thinking and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology in both theory and practice.
  • To have fun and engage in some Serious Play.

To get things started, I’d like to offer a provocation.
This is a space for sharing our experiences with Design Thinking and Lego Serious Play. We all know what LSP is and we probably share a pretty cohesive definition of the technique and its use. What we may not have, however, is a common understanding for what Design Thinking is and what it means to each of us. If I have learned anything in my many years of practicing, teaching and facilitating Design Thinking, it’s that everyone seems to have their own unique idea of what it is and how to do it. I have also learned that there is no one right answer.

So, let’s start at the very beginning.
Let’s build a shared understanding of Design Thinking.

My own definition (via LSP model) is below.

I spent years in academia studying the origins of Design Thinking, including it’s historical evolution and how it is similar and different from others ways of thinking. My all-time favorite definition of design comes from Herbert Simon, who published The Sciences of the Artificial in 1969 where he wrote,

“Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones”

Given this definition, we are ALL designers. All of us, at some point in time, have tried to figure out how to change an unappealing situation into a better one. As LSP facilitators, we do this all the time when we help our clients and participants change a current situation into a better one.

But that describes Design Doing, not Design Thinking. For me, Design Thinking is how we think about what we are doing when designing, why we do it and what tools we choose to apply. To this end, I believe Design Thinking is not necessarily a strict process or series of steps; rather it is a mindset and toolset that is first and foremost human-centered, not just user-centered. It should be inclusive of all stakeholders who may impact or influence a particular situation. The Design Thinking toolset includes ways to Empathize with humans, Frame problems and opportunities, and Generate ideas and solutions.

Do you have a similar way of describing Design Thinking? Do you have a completely different interpretation? I look forward to hearing (and SEEING) your definitions of Design Thinking so please share.

Let’s start this group with some Serious Play!

Consumer Insights and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

What you should know about
Karen Lynch & Siri Lynn


We’re so happy Jacquie Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson, the new editors of the Serious Play Pro website, asked us to be the resident experts on Consumer Insights. Because that’s what we are … Consumer Insight Experts.

We generate Consumer Insights for our clients through various qualitative marketing research methodologies including LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methods. We use Consumer Insights with our clients in a myriad of ideation sessions. We help our clients move forward by giving them insight-led direction and innovative thinking.

We thought we’d start the conversation about utilizing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® mythology and materials in the Consumer Insight space by stepping back and defining what insights really are. Here is one definition, a description to kick things off. Pat Conroy, Principal and Vice Chairman at Deloitte Consulting and their Former National Consumer Business Leader, defined insight as:

“A statement based on a deep understanding of your target consumers‘ attitudes and beliefs, which connect at an emotional level with your consumer, provoking a clear response (This brand understands me! That is exactly how I feel! — even if they’ve never thought about it quite like that) which, when leveraged, has the power to change consumer behavior.”

How do you define insights? In your opinion, what exactly is an insight?

Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® To Explore What Makes Inclusive Communities

Greetings, I would like to introduce myself to the SeriousplayPro community by way of this first blog post. I have been invited by the editors to lead the discussion on the use of LEGO® SERIOS PLAY® methods as a tool to help build inclusive communities.

As a part time consultant and in my full time role as the Senior Leader of Research and Social Innovation at a large Canadian NGO, I’m interested in how to help organizations problem solve better and navigate complexity. I’ve been exploring over the last couple years how LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® can help with making sense of complex issues in public engagement experiences.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with how “thinking through your hands” and Human Centered Design Thinking can open up new conversations, new creative solutions and strengthen community.

In the short video below you’ll see a glimpse into how we used LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® to explore with a diverse collective what makes a city vibrant, inclusive and a city to love. For this session we brought together young leaders, City Lab staff, provincial government representatives, University of Alberta anthropology students and other community members to look at what makes an inclusive community.  The video speaks for itself and since that time we have been refining the questions and approach to make a public engagement experience more inclusive of diverse communication styles and to go beyond just talking around tables.

I would love to hear what you are doing with LSP in your work.  Please share your ideas of ways to make communities more inclusive.

Ben Weinlick

Get your LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certification

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Make a difference when becoming an expert in using the innovative process tool for organisational development and business performance as a Certified Trained Facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is a unique tool when people have to work with complex challenge, achieve common understanding and common solutions. The visibility with LEGO and telling stories connected to the model, makes people understand and communicate in a new way.

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Leveraging Lego Serious Play to promote Creativity and strengthen Team Dynamics at Smith College


The Smith College Engineering department recently invited Team Dynamics Boston‘s Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther to lead a Lego Serious Play workshop for the Design Clinic, a two-semester capstone course for senior engineering majors, in which students collaborate in teams on real-world projects. Medtronic, Stantec and Under Armour are among the industry sponsors of this year’s clinic.

The Lego Serious Play workshop provided a creative departure from typical classroom work and helped the future engineers dive deep into the complexities of team dynamics.

Susannah Howe, director of the clinic, commented: “These students have participated in teamwork discussions before, but the use of Legos added a twist to the conversation, surfacing some ideas that students hadn’t previously expressed.”

Read more:


IMG_2772   IMG_2758   IMG_2792

Nuevas Fechas 2016 para la Certificación de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en Colombia, Nicaragua y Panamá

Nuevas Fechas 2016 para la Certificación de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en Colombia (Bogotá), Nicaragua y Panamá en 2016

Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis

Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis

-Bogota 4 al 7 de junio
-Mexico 9 al 12 de Junio-
-Argentina fines Junio, a Confirmar
-Mexico 15 al 18 Julio, a confirmar
-Uruguay del 26 al 29 de Julio
-México 12 -15 Agosto, confirmar
-Nicaragua 7 al 10 de Septiembre
-Panamá 13 al 16 de Septiembre

Mayo 2016 :
-Sao Paulo – Brasil del 26 al 19 de Mayo

Junio 2016 :
-Bogotá- Colombia del 4 al 7 de Junio
-Argentina a confirmar

Julio 2016 :
-Mexico en fecha a confirmar
-Uruguay del 26 al 29 de Julio

Septiembre 2016 :
-Nicaragua del 7 al 10 de Septiembre
-Panamá del 13 al 16 de Septiembre

Octubre de 2016 :
-Barcelona del 6 al 9 de Septiembre
-Milan en Italiano entre 18 y el 23 de Octubre

Diciembre 2016 :
-Bogota del 4 al 7 de Diciembre a confirmar

Para mas información escribir a o a

Para ver testimonios de los participantes de la Certificación visitar este siguiente link:



Lucio Margulis

Free Download: How Lego Bricks can make you a better Leader

In collaboration with O’Reilly Media, Lego Serious Play facilitators Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther crafted a booklet “Build to Lead” to address the potential of harnessing the power of play in the workplace. They explore the future of work and how a play-based approach and especially the Lego Serious  Play facilitation methodology will level the playing field and foster collaboration. According to a recent Microsoft survey collaboration is the number one factor Millennials are looking for in the workplace.

Download your free copy here:


Help Managers to Go to Change phase!

This workshop design is a very useful and constructive one with good tangible results for the companies, I have facilitate this workshop in different kind of companies and it was really worked, it opened a new opportunity between managers and staff to communicate about company’s or department’s situation.
It is a very good opportunity for those managers who want to go to change phase but they don’t know where to start.

It is simply a SWOT analysis which all managers have test it before on the papers but using LEGO Serious Play Method will make the results more useful and valuable.

The results which extract from this workshop will make a new understanding about opportunities and treats in their business, and help them to open new windows for innovation in their business!

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