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Patrizia Bertini Shows LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Creative Tools for Experience Design

As designers take on more complex challenges of creating digital experiences spanning multiple touchpoints, from smartwatches to TVs, Patrizia Bertini (@Legoviews) asks how the structure and methods of design teams must evolve. This hour long session sees Patrizia simultaneously conduct a Lego Serious Play workshop while explaining how its techniques could help design teams better understand user behaviour and translate that knowledge into more effective digital experiences.

Recorded at MEX, March 2015 (


Serious Play at Work – Building Collaboration Brick by Brick

By experimenting with bricks in our hands, we are making sense of what we know, and what we weren’t aware of, thus unleashing our potential.

Herman Miller wrote the following interesting blog post about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

Often perceived as a game for children, block play can actually serve a serious purpose for adults, such as helping to devise a 15-month organisational plan or improving analytical competence.

Identifying goals
‘We are the species that play the most. We just forget this’, Per Kristiansen of Trivium said while explaining the rationale of playing with blocks at work. Through hands-on experience with blocks, ‘we can explore the reasons, themes and objectives of the given purpose-oriented scenarios and create new connections with our brains that turn intangible ideas into concrete forms’.

‘Sometimes, concrete actions can create situations’. Like Google, after they realised the shared narrative of their current and future identities, they undertook a set of actions that completely changed their behaviours.

Dominating is slightly different from leading. ‘Many leaders are very fast thinkers, so they are quicker to voice their ideas and then dominate, and this is appreciated’.

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Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

When critical issues are physically acted out using our own hands, our mind is much better able to deal with them. Precisely for this reason one of our clients in the bank industry has chosen to open the training programme for its young talent with a Lego Serious Play workshop conducted by the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators of Trivioquadrivio for the second year in a row.

Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - by Dario Villa

One hundred managers from across Europe gathered to embark on a journey of personal and professional growth facilitated by Trivioquadrivio. The theme was again cultural differences and the questions of the workshop were multiple:

  • What are the characteristic features of national cultures in the countries of the New Europe?
  • What difficulties do I have to tackle when my colleague belongs to a different culture from mine?
  • How can you leverage these differences to improve teamwork?
Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY - by Dario Villa
Cultural Diversity with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY – by Dario Villa of Trivioquadrivio

In the first part of the workshop, similar issues were addressed not so much in theory, but rather constructed, handled, played out in three-dimensional models made individually and discussed collectively.

In the second part of the day, each of the five groups of participants built a shared model. This created an overview, which made it possible to simulate the actual operational impact that cultural differences generate in professional everyday life.

Some simple guiding principles were laid out at the end of the workshop, which each participant could put into practice to best address the cultural differences that play a part in every sector of their organization.


Lego Serious Play TTT in Italy / June 2015

Hello everybody, for the Italian residents (and speakers…), Trivioquadrivio – LSP certified partner since 2003, with a significant LSP experience in all business industries and awarded as “Partner of the Year” in 2005  – is about to hold a  train the trainer session for aspiring facilitators.

The three-day session – Italian language only! – will take place in Milano and will provide the participants with an in-deep training based on Trivioquadrivio’s customized LSP approach and experiences.

Dates are still to be set. If you’re interested in knowing more, please drop me a line:

Six Bricks for Countless Exercises

Do you know that when you take six eight-stud LEGO bricks (2×4) – how many ways can they be combined? The exact number of combinations has been calculated as 915,103,765!

Today’s post is not so much about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY, but it could be interesting to our facilitator community because it can suggest new and creative means for coming up with group exercises during your LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation events.

Six Bricks Square from LEGO Idea Conference - photo: Marko Rillo
My Six Bricks from LEGO Idea Conference – photo: Marko Rillo

A year ago LEGO came up with an interesting challenge for preschool education around the world. Namely – suggesting that teachers can just use six simple DUPLO bricks of different colors to introduce countless new exercises and challenges for kids. Hence – at the last LEGO Idea Conference the participants received their own six bricks to start experimenting. My package is shown above.

Where was this initiative born?

Apparently – Brent Hutcheson as one of the Ashoka Changemakers pitched the idea in 2013 suggesting: “What if 6 bricks was all we needed to ensure that perceptual skills were developed?” You can see the whole programme application on their preparatory work with LEGO and Ashoka here.

LEGO Foundation Six Bricks Booklet When I started researching the subject I found out that it has nicely developed. LEGO Foundation has released a free booklet with dozens of creativity, logic and fun exercises to try out. Download your copy by clicking on the image on the right.

What skills do children practice?

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