Lego Serious Play. A remarkably adult way of working


Adrian Crookes, (pictured) is a course leader at the London College of Communication. At the end of a workshop I facilitated this week, he reflected,

“I thought LEGO Serious play was a remarkably adult way of getting together to discuss issues and problems”. Conversely meetings using post-it notes and flip charts seem to infantilise by comparison.”

I love this comment because it challenges the negative perceptions that inevitably arise with a process that contains the words “LEGO” and “Play”.

Of course sometimes traditional style meetings are appropriate and post-it notes and flip charts, used well, help teams create the results they seek.

But next time you need to get serious thinking on a complex systemic issue, then maybe its time to use a remarkably adult toolkit?

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LSP Facilitators in Germany (Mannheim and Berlin)

Hello LSP colleagues! I will be visiting Germany for few weeks in september, I wonder if there is anyone interested on meeting an evening or weekend to share best practices on our LSP workshops and talk about what works and what doesn’t in the markets we are in, exchange tip and tricks, etc…

I am from Mexico and would love to connect and meet with LSP colleagues in Germany. I love sharing experiences and learning from others.

If you are near any of these cities: Mannheim or Berlin and would like to meet, let me know so we can make arrangements.

danke Schön!





How to find an effective tool to explore a company’s new vision, collect different point of view about it and create a powerful internal communication initiative for more than 200 people? The answer is: design a LSP workshop! Here’s how the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators of Trivioquadrivio addressed this need.

SDA Bocconi, Italian leading Management Business School, has decided to put Trivioquadrivio in charge of an internal communication initiative connected with their end of year party. Starting from SDA Bocconi’s vision, “Empowering lives through knowledge and imagination”, the aim of the initiative was to help those who work for the school, day after day, in finding their personal interpretation of these words.

The interpretation turned into representation: about two hundred SDA staff members took part in short Lego Serious Play workshops, aimed at discovering what role knowledge and imagination have at SDA Bocconi today. Each participant had the opportunity to build her own take on SDA Bocconi’s vision with Lego bricks. That’s why the initiative was called “Build Your Vision”.

BUILD YOUR VISION – Dario Villa – Trivioquadrivio

Once again, the Lego Serious Play methodology was invaluable, proving that companies manage to get a better knowledge and understanding of themselves when they try to portray themselves in a tangible way. All the workshops were conducted, filmed and photographed by Trivioquadrivio’s Lego Serious Play Unit.
The audio-visual and iconographic materials were used to create 12 multimedia installations on the completed workshops, to hold a memory of the images and emotions of this innovative internal communication initiative.

New Book on LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Now Available

Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator’s Guide by Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson

Congratulations to our community members Jacquie and Denise. Their new and interesting book Strategic Play: The Creative Facilitator’s Guide is now available for order via Amazon.

Introduction from the book publishers.
Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Denise Meyerson collectively have over 50 years’ global experience in the design and delivery of incredible learning experiences for clients in the private and public sectors. They have partnered with top tier, medium size, and small corporate clients to produce events that rock. They are now opening their files to other facilitators, and educators—of all levels—to share tools and techniques they have personally tested and used.

They are generously allowing you to benefit from their years of experience in the training, facilitation, and design space so you too are able to prepare, structure, and implement teachable moments, workshops, events, training days, learning experiences, offsites, and seminars that have a strong impact—and are memorable. Dip into this essential guide after you have been briefed by the executive team, managers, or human resource professionals and you are required to deliver a face-to-face session for anything between 1 and 100 hours. Play with these practical, user-friendly techniques to help your participants feel engaged and energized, so they will remember the key messages long after the event. Redesign and restructure the tools to suit your audience and the topic so the session remains vibrant and focused. Create experiences for any topic, whether for technical, personal, or professional development purposes.

Not only do you have access to great openers and closers to activate thinking, we also provide you with a roadmap and overall layout so you have examples of how to structure your sessions.

Meet the Authors – Jacqueline Lloyd Smith and Dr. Denise Meyerson met in Billund, Denmark in 2007, while both were licensed partners for the LEGO® Systems Group. They were both appointed to the Play4Business LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ Training Board in 2010 and are Master Trainers in the methods of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™. Jacquie and Denise were early adopters and leaders in bringing LSP to Canada and Australia. Jacquie continues to serve the Americas, based out of British Columbia, Canada. She is the principal for Strategic Play® Group Limited. Denise continues to serve Oceania, based out of Queensland, Australia. She is the principal for Management Consulting International (MCI).


LEGO SERIOUS PLAY and Collaborative Economy

Sharecollab´s focus  is to promote shareable cities in Colombia,  and one of the business strategies is  to spread  collaborative economy knowledge through meetups and Ouishare events every month. The last Meetup was “Strategy in Real Time with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®”,  that was jointly held with Universidad de los Andes, aiming to  build a shared vision of collaboration based economy, where Juan David Escorcia assisted in facilitating the event. In an educational and entertaining environment, attendees facilitated the creation of a community that thinks and acts for collaborative economy.

Let´s just recall that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance. Based on research which shows that this kind of hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, this methodology deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the organization.
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