Lego Serious Play Facilitator Training in Ukraine

Lego Serious Play Facilitator Training in Ukraine

Victoria Kucherchuk and the CBS Professional Training Company launch regular LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator training in Ukraine. In-house facilitator training is also available.

The pilot training was successfully delivered in April, 7-8. Among the first trained LSP facilitator’s there were nine educators, consultants, business coaches and trainers.  The programme was delivered in Russian language and attracts participants not only from Ukraine, but also from other CIS countries.

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A glimpse of history today.  What was the information included in the original LEGO SERIOUS PLAY patent description?

See below the records of the US patent no. 20020103774 A1, filed on 30 Jan 2001, issued on 1 Aug 2002 to EXECUTIVE DISCOVERY HOLDING CO., INC., DENMARK (subsidiary of LEGO).

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Patent - Figure no.1
LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Patent – Figure no.1

Method and materials for encouraging creative thinking, planning or decision making

A program, method and materials for enhancing creative thinking, communication, decision-making and strategic planning. The program materials and method are based on the interplay between physical manipulation of symbolic objects and the effect of such manipulation on the ability to deal with actual objectives. For example, by physically manipulating building blocks, such as those having a stud configuration, (such as those sold under the LEGO® trademark), which are fastened together with studs from a top of one block fitting into receptacles on the bottom of another block, the thinking processes can be fostered and/or enhanced.

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What happens at a Lego Serious Play MeetUp?

By Sean Blair @ProMeetings

The Lego Serious Play London MeetUp run regular mini meets.

These are about two and a half hours in duration, and introduce people to a range of the application techniques that Lego Serious Play uses.

Here are a few photos from a recent MeetUp, which took the subject of government as the theme.

Warm Up Challenge 1: Building a tower

edge 1

Photographing our towers!

edge 2

Warm Up Challenge 3: Build a model that represents government

edge 3

Build a model to show your vision of the UK in 5 years time

edge 4

edge 5

Build a shared model of your vision of the UK in 5 years time

edge 6

edge 7

Build agents that will impact your government: Education

edge 8

Agent: Collaborative economy

edge 9

Agent: Global Economy

edge 10

Agent: Environmental technologies

edge 11

Agents: Internet

edge 12

Agent: Technology

edge 13

Agent: Infrastructure

edge 14

Agent: Terrorism

edge 16

Agent: Population growth

edge 17

Agent: Immigration

edge 18

Agent: Different expectations

edge 19

Agent: Generation gap

edge 20

Vision plus connected agents

edge 22

Come to a future meetup in London, Berlin, or Hong Kong for a taste of Lego Serious Play.

If you’re already a certified facilitator, come and share best practice with other facilitators at the ‘master meets’. The first one is in London on April 16th. 

Photos with kind permission from Emma, Emily and Silvia.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Core_and_Aspirational_Identity

Making Sense of Change with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Jason Little of recently published this blog post about Making Sense of Change with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

One of my favourite quotes from the Lean Change Agent workshops I’ve facilitated is: “It’s not about the canvas, it’s about the conversation”

It’s remarkable how we tend to focus on applying a technique, or using a tool while putting less emphasis on creating a shared understanding of change through well-facilitated dialogue.

I’m often asked by clients which tool or artefact they should start with. Should they create a Strategic Change Canvas? Should they start with a Force-field Analysis? Should they…<use this tool or approach> ?

In all cases, and you’ll probably guess this, it depends on what it is you’re trying to accomplish! Beneath all of these tools is a common principle:

Visualize your conversation

I tend to use sticky notes and white board diagrams, and recently used a simple diagram to help a leadership team in an organization understand what their decision of ‘going Agile’ meant to the organization, to the leadership team and the teams directly impacted by the change.

I recently sat down with Stelio Verzera and Michele Luconi who are part of Cocoon Projects about their recently experience ‘creating a change canvas’ by using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ to explore the change.

While this picture won’t make sense to you, it’s the outcome of the exercise and below that is the video interview where Stelio and Michele describe how they did it.

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