Brainy Builders – Decorating your Room with LEGO

A marvelous way for LEGO aficionados to pimp their living room from Architecture N Design.

Decorating Room with LEGO Bricks
Decorating Room with LEGO Bricks

Play is the building block of childhood learning, and this romper room, collaboratively designed by Lena Seow, Vrinda Khanna and Suzan Wines of I-Beam Design, is an architecturally inclined child’s wonderland. LEGO boards cover a wall of this room, from floor to ceiling. “Children can build with or against gravity,” says Wines, adding that the child’s ability to impact the basic architecture of the play area by building on the wall is a large part of the appeal. “Everything a child builds becomes an integral part of the play-space architecture until a new construction is made,” she says.

The room also features small cube-shaped pillows, adding to the building adventure. “Kids can build their own environments to play in and on,” Wines says.

For older children who might not enjoy primary-colored LEGO walls but who have a more mature understanding of design, find old blueprints and frame them for a sophisticated architectural environment.

Lego Serious Play preparation case study – when is enough, enough?

The email read: “We currently manage a very evolved graduate programme. This includes some of the brightest and talented graduates from exclusive universities. Our final selection is regarded as the crème de la crème. We offer our graduates three jobs over a period of five years on two continents. We have ten new grads. joining us in February.  Along with our current grads. we would like to have a fun-filled, exciting team building day for them to get to know each other and work together.”

I think: “I’ve got just the answer for you.”, because:

  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in itself is team building.
  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in itself is fun.
  • The client wants to mix the current grads. with the newbies. I’ll allocate some of each of them in each team.
  • They are supposed to be clever, so the issue for them to consider must be a challenging one.
  • Besides team building of the established and new grads. we are dealing with induction of the new grads. and marketing the company to them.
  • I’ll propose to the prospective client a one day LEGO SERIOUS PLAY workshop centered on the issue: “Build a LEGO model of a successful candidate on Company X’s Graduate Development Programme.”

I think again: “What is the second right answer?”

  • These guys are serious: a programme consisting of three jobs over five years on two continents.
  • Not only are they serious, they are prepared to make a long term investment.
  • The one day team building workshop cannot be a standalone incident unrelated to the overall investment.
  • It must be integrated with the other programmes the grads. will undertake.
  • The power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY lies in its ability to emotionally involve the delegates in the issue they jointly consider.
  • Beyond factual answers, we are building a sense of belonging and commitment amongst the grads.
  • The issue they tackle must be useful and meaningful to each and every one of them as they embark upon their managerial career.
  • How about them answering the question “What must be done to succeed on the Grad. Development Programme?” They can first build individual models of their own thoughts and then collate them into an agreed answer.
  • Then, as those annoying infomercials say, “Wait, there’s more.” Then they each have to build an individual LEGO model in answer to “What must I do to succeed on the programme.” Each delegate is then required to evolve the 3-D LEGO model into a written action plan that then becomes an integral part of that grads.’ performance appraisal over the next few years.

Hey, this is fun, so I think again:

  • I buy into LEGO SERIOUS PLAY because if addresses joint issues at an emotional level as well as a rational one. I don’t quite understand what’s happening but I firmly believe self-motivation is triggered. After all, decisions aren’t only rational.
  • Maybe there’s more I can do to strengthen the positive emotions and attitudes evoked by LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.
  • How about the framework of Experiential Learning: Doing, Reflecting, Applying. Let the delegates “play” with LEGO. That’s the “Doing”. Then they can reflect upon their behaviour. After all, playing with LEGO is fun and it creates an atmosphere supportive of introspection. So if the LEGO exercises are structured in a way to elicit certain managerial behaviours, afterwards they can be reflected upon. Then a LEGO SERIOUS PLAY session can be structured to work out an answer as to how the delegates can successfully implement those behaviours.

Oops, time to think again.

  • Wait a minute! Who is the client? Let’s get back to what the client wants. What is right for the client?
  • Sure, ask the client, but I have to put a proposal on the table to even stand a chance of getting the business.

What would you do? Please add your comments below …

Nuevas Fechas 2015 de la Formación de Facilitadores en Español con Juego Serio y Lucio Margulis

Nuevas Fechas 2015 para la Certificación de Nuevos Facilitadores de la Metodología de LSP en Español en México, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brail, España con Lucio Margulis y fechas en Paralelo con Robert Rasmussen.

Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis
Certificación en Español Lucio Margulis

Fechas del 2015

Enero 2015:
-México – DF del 16 al 19 de Enero

Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish
Lego Serious Play Certification in Spanish

Febrero 2015:
-México del 14 al 17
-México del 19 al 22

Marzo 2015:
-Chile del 16 al 19

Abril 2015:
-Buenos Aires-Argentina en fecha a confirmar en el IAE Business School
-Costa Rica- San José del 23 al 26 de abril

Mayo 2015:
-Barcelona del 13 al 16
-Pamplona del 18 al 21

Junio 2015:
En fechas a definir

Julio 2015:
-México del 9 al 12 en paralelo con Robert Rasmussen

-Perú en fecha a definir

Para mas información escribir a o a

Para ver testimonios de los participantes de la Certificación visitar este siguiente link:



Lucio Margulis

Serious Play Pro survey – please submit your feedback

Click here for Serious Play Pro community survey
Click here for Serious Play Pro community survey

It is 5 years since the start of the community and therefore we have created a survey for users:

Our registered users have already received a unique link for the survey to their e-mail address, but we decided to keep the link also open to those who haven’t yet registered with us and kindly ask you to provide us with feedback about your experience with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and what to improve on website.

This survey consists of the following questions (7-12 minutes):
– Your background and interest in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method
– Your main sources for information on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®
– Your views about facilitator community

Please note that we collect and process this information in line with Privacy Guidelines of our community. If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact us.

To obtain a copy of the results of the survey please submit your e-mail address at the end of the survey. As a small token of gratitude for your time we will also draw an Amazon gift card of 25 USD among the respondents, which you may use to buy some interesting books

Kind regards,
Marko Rillo & Per Kristiansen – a community of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitators

Annual Community Meeting for trained and certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators

Lego Serious Play Days in 2014
Lego Serious Play Days in 2014

Still energized by the meeting earlier this year, we have looked at the many inputs and set dates for the 2015. It will be September 28 and 29; it seems to represent the best global compromise. The venue will be in Billund, Denmark. LEGO Company HQ is located in Billund.

The meeting is open for certified facilitators.

We will post more information about the meeting and call for presentations in April – May.

Wishing you all a Happy Holiday Season

Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen
Association of Master Trainers.

LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitation training in French

Certification in Facilitating the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method
Formation officielle de facilitateurs LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® en français par AVEA Partners avec Marie-Christine DUPONT et Jean SEMO.
Prochaines sessions 2015 à Paris :
9 – 12 février 2015
6 – 9 juillet 2015
7 – 10 décembre 2015
Double certification : Executive Certificate de l’Ecole Centrale Paris et certification de l’association des Master Trainers délivrée par AVEA Partners et Robert RASSMUSSEN

Lego Serious Play Facilitator Network