2014 Lego Serious Play Community Meeting

December 5, 2013 in Events and Training

Together with LEGO we have decided on September 15 – 16 as the dates for our annual gathering of trained LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators. The meeting will still be hosted by LEGO and held at the LEGO Company in Billund, Denmark.

The previous years this annual meeting has been scheduled in connection with the LEGO IDEA Day event thus giving us the opportunity to join both events. This is not the case for 2014. LEGO has decided to change the format for their LEGO IDEA Day. As a consequence they will not be extending the kind general invitations, which we have benefited from in the past. A benefit of this separation of the two events is that we are not forced to limit the number of LSP facilitators attending the September 15 – 16 gathering.

The terms for participating in the community meeting are:
-  you have completed a recognized LSP facilitator training program
-  you pay for your own travel and lodging costs, whereas participating in the meeting itself is free of charge

Similar to 2013 we will organize the meeting in cooperation with LEGO. The content of the meeting will to a large extend be delivered by the participants.

If you consider joining the event, reserve dates and stay tuned for more information in the spring of 2014. All communication about the event will happen via www.seriousplaypro.com

Best Regards and Happy Holidays

Per and Robert

LEGO® Serious Play® Facilitator Training

December 4, 2013 in Events and Training

The objectives with the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY  facilitator training program is to provide the facilitator with the skills, practice, theoretical background combined with the confidence and commitment necessary to successfully prepare and facilitate the workshops in a way that gives maximum value to the participants. The facilitators ability to first design the workshop and afterwards delivery the workshop is essential achieve success with the methodology.

The training program is identical for all sessions and covers both Stage 1 and Stage 2, which equals the full scope of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator certification process. The program meets the standards set by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology on the initiative of Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen. Facilitators will receive document of qualification upon completion of the training.

2014 Training Schedule
Note: More sessions might be added for second half of 2014.

UK, London, January 20 – 23
Japan, Tokyo, January 30 – February 2 (with support in Japanese)
Mexico, Mexico City, February 13 – 16
Mexico, Mexico City, February 20 – 23
Italy, Milan, March 25 – 29 (with support in Italian)
Spain – Madrid, April 20 – 23 (with support in Spanish)
Denmark, Odense, May 5 – 8
Singapore, Singapore May 20 – 23
Mexico, Mexico City, June 18 – 21
United States, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 23 – 26
UK, London, October 6 – 9
United States, San Francisco, November 17 – 20

Denmark, Copenhagen, December 13 – 18 (arranged in collaboration with Per Kristiansen)

You can always check out the latest schedule on www.rasmussenconsulting.dk
Here you can also find the schedule for sessions in Spanish and French delivered by our partners Juego Serio and Avea Partners

For more details about the sessions please send email to robert@rasmussenconsulting.dk

LEGO Serious Play business case: express exercise for SAP education initiative

December 4, 2013 in Serious Play Case Studies

Lego Serious Play Exercise with SAP

Lego Serious Play Exercise with SAP

SAP is one of the world-leading corporations in system integration. But the one distinctive feature makes it a real leader in its field. For more than 30 years they promote and use design thinking as an approach to innovation development. Creative intelligence and design thinking are already parts of SAP innovation culture in many countries where it operates.

For the SAP CEP education initiative for Russia and CIS biggest clients, SAP approached Wonderfull lab to make experimental exercises with Lego Serious Play methodology.

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Lego Serious Play Starter Kit Contents

November 18, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

Lego Serious Play Starter Kit Contents

An interesting YouTube video clip of unpacking of the box shows the contents of Lego Serious Play Starter Kit (art.no. 2000414).

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Global Leaders Play Well at the UN Summit in New York City

November 17, 2013 in Serious Play Case Studies

Global Leaders Playing with Lego Serious Play

Global Leaders Playing with Lego Serious Play

Members of the North America Strategicplay® Group were on-site in New York City for the United Nations Leadership Summit. You may have already heard that LEGO® presented the United Nations with a large LEGO® UN Model to thank the UN Secretary-General for his work in the area of education for children. It was wonderful to see Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, representing the LEGO® Group, present the model to Ban Ki-moon, who placed the final brick with the UN flag onto the model. Huge excitement surrounded this moment!

It was a big honour to attend and to have the opportunity to facilitate using LEGO®’s methodology and materials. Four members of our team joined the LEGO® Foundation Team to facilitate at the education fair. The discussion revolved around the serious issues of Human Rights, Education for Children, and Caring for the Environment. Global leaders who attended built their ideas and added them to a large shared model of these United Nations focus topics.

To read the full article please follow the link to Strategicplay® North America website

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Short Film about LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

November 16, 2013 in Serious Play Videos

Lego Serious Play Short Film

A short video clip about the background of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY about facilitation and about facilitator training. Authors: Tom Fekkes, Lisa Dijkman, Kimberley Descamps, Sven de Brouwer, Jochem Fiolet, Oliver Davies. Commissioned by: Michel Cloosterman.

Lego Serious Play Kits Now Available at Lego Online Shop

November 4, 2013 in Lego Serious Play Bricks

LSP window bag pile

Lego Window Exploration Bag – art.2000409

LSP connections kit

Connection Kit – art. 2000431

LSP identity and landscape kit

Identity and Landscape Kit – art. 2000430

LSP starter kit

Starter Kit – art. 2000414

Starting from today you can directly order all four LSP kits directly via LEGO Online Shop:
- Lego Serious Play Set of 100 Exploration Bags (2000409)
- Lego Serious Play Starter Kit (2000414)
- Lego Serious Play Identity and Landscape Kit (2000430)
- and Lego Serious Play Connections Kit (2000431).
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On the Road with LEGO Serious Play – Chile and North Carolina

November 2, 2013 in Serious Play Videos

On the Road with LEGO Serious Play - Chile and Raleigh, NC

Lego Serious Play in Lego Education – video about students from Dichato, Chile and from Raleigh, NC. Following yesterday’s post let me add the second part of the video produced by Eugene Wheeler and Branson Moore. In this video they take a trip to Earthquake devastated town of Dichato in Chile and establishing video link to meet with schoolkids in Raleigh, North Carolina. The students are using thereafter Lego Serious Play to discuss some different issues about their present and future – both in classroom and with their families.

I would make an interesting observation – those 5th graders are young. If you would ask them to write an essay about dealing with the societal or personal impacts of devastating catastrophe following tsunami it would presumably be a child-like stream of thoughts. If you would simply ask them to discuss their future among their family members, they would also fall to their anticipated role. I presume that without the LSP the discussion would most likely turn out to be parents telling the story how they would see the future of their children and the youngsters either agreeing or coming back with “don’t know-s”.

However, Lego Serious Play methodology helps the children think metaphorically and conceptually. When I hear some reasoning in these two videos (the previous Lego Serious Play in Schools of Mexico posted here yesterday) – I wonder if I am listening to students who are significantly older and more mature than they really are. Also the questions that they ask about each other’s models demonstrate sincere curiosity and involvement with each other’s thoughts. Lego Serious Play certainly equalizes the discussion among the peers. What are your thoughts about this?
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