Newly trained LSP facilitators and more!

June 15, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

IntHRface just concluded a 4-day LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator training course at LEGOLAND® hotel and conference in Billund. We want to thank and congratulate all the participants; you guys did great and we can’t wait to hear about how you use this great tool!

We have some exciting news coming soon from IntHRface to the whole LSP community. Therefor you should keep an eye both on this site and on our LinkedIn profile(, you don’t want to miss this!

Expanding LSP to higher Business education

May 20, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

Last week IntHRface held a very successful LSP training session with some of the faculty members from Hult and Ashridge Business School in the UK. Their dedication and engagement initiated a lot of great discussions about the tool. We can’t wait to see how they will use this tool to shape the future of higher business education.

Thank you all for some great days. If you want to join us at our LSP facilitator training courses, you can find the date for our courses here:


LSP and traditional tools gives great results

May 18, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

We have no doubt that LEGO® Serious® Play® is one of the best strategic process tool right now. But combining LSP with more traditional development tools, can enhance the both the outcome and the effectiveness of LSP. This is what happened when IntHRface facilitated the leadership team from LEO Pharma’s Global Product Supply. The end result after only two days was a 12-table long strategy going to 2030.

Do you want to be able to facilitate workshop like this? You can get more information and find our next course here:

Learn to use the power of LEGO® Serious Play®

May 1, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

Its common knowledge that a few people often dictates the tone and culture of a meeting. This limits the engagement and in the end the output of the meeting. This challenge is also true for all kinds of organizational and strategy development processes.

LEGP® Serious Play® is a great tool to use to overcome these challenges. And the tool can be used in both small meetings and in large scale development processes. If you want to read more about LSP and group dynamics here is a great article.

If you want to lean how to be able to use LSP, you can find the date for our courses here:

The combination of LSP with other more traditional process tools

April 20, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

LSP is a magnificent change management process tool in itself. However, it can also create a lot of value to combine LSP with the more traditional tools you are using as a consultant, leader or HR specialist. In IntHRface we often use the LSP tool to make a unique and in dept analysis of a company or an organization when we facilitate strategy or organizational development processes. This leads to a clear understanding of future goals and objectives. Later in the process we sometimes use other tools to tailor make a specific strategy for the company.

If you want to know learn more about how LSP can become a priceless asset in your business, click here

IntHRface offers LSP certification in collaboration with Legoland® Florida Resort on the 17th – 20th of September 2018

March 25, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

We are proud to announce that IntHRfaces LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) facilitor course are now up running at the Hotel LEGOLAND Florida Resort in Orlando 😊 The first group of facilitators have concluded a successful course, and we are looking very much forward to educate many future LSP facilitators in the US in cooperation with Hotel LEGOLAND Florida Resort. Our next course in Florida will be on the 17th – 20th of September 2018.


You will find further information on our LSP courses here

IntHRface facilitate 95 leaders from Eltel Denmark

March 13, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

IntHRface facilitated 95 leaders, middle managers and project managers in Eltel Denmark to explore the company’s future leadership and followship through LEGO® Serious Play®. There were great metaphors, impressive models and extremely high level of commitment – we are impressed!

Do you want to be able to facilitate workshops like this? Check out the dates for this year’s training courses here:

LSP as a large-scale process tool

February 16, 2018 in Serious Play Discussion

This is what happens, when about 90 engaged and skilled Nordic leaders and employees from the Trial Monitoring Organization in Novartis Healthcare A/S works intensively with choosing the right bricks to build LEGO® figures using the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology. It was a pleasure for IntHRface to facilitate the creation of LEGO® models generating ideas on how to shape a new common culture in the Trial Monitoring Organization. Thank you all for your great work.

If you want to be able to facilitate workshops like this? Check out the dates for this year’s training courses here:

Co-inventor of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Professor Johan Roos re-enters the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® community together with IntHRface.

August 24, 2017 in Serious Play Discussion


International LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® conference, 31 October – 1 November 2017 at Hotel LEGOLAND® in Billund Denmark.

Do not miss the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® experience of the year.

IntHRface and Hotel LEGOLAND® are proud to host a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® conference of international standards.

We have arranged a program packed with interesting new inspiration, knowledge, research, networking and best practise sharing.  We have gathered some of the best specialists in the world to inspire you.

Program – 31 October

09.30 – 10.00                                Arrival, check in and coffee.

10.00 – 10.30                                IntHRface & Hotel LEGOLAND®


Presentation of program and creative competition.

10.30 – 12.00                                Johan Roos: professor and co-inventor LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® in perspective.

Q & A

12.00 – 13.00                                Lunch & networking.

13.00 – 15.00                                Professor Hans Henrik Knoop

The power of flow – play, learning and creativity.

Flow and gamification.

Q & A.

15.00 – 15.30                                Coffee break & networking.

15.30 – 16.30                                Johan Roos: professor and co-inventor LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®                     

Bringing LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® forward – ideas, concept and research.
Dialogue about the future.

16.30 – 17.00                                Wrap up of day 1.

17.15 – 18.45                                A visit to the new LEGO house in Billund (this activity might be moved to day 2).

19.30 – 22.00                                Drinks and grand dinner.


Program – 1 November

09.00 – 10.00                                Introduction to program.

Reflections and discussions.

10.00 – 12.00                                IntHRface & Participants

Sharing of lessons learned about the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

Sharing of business cases using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

The facilitator role – how to get maximum impact.

12.00 – 13.00                                Lunch & networking.

13.00 – 14.45                                IntHRface

Inspiration around new applications using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology.

14.45 – 15.00                                Coffee break & networking.

15.00 – 16.00                                IntHRface & Hotel LEGOLAND

New initiatives concerning facilitator training, network and co-creation.

Network Community for Trained Facilitators ON-LINE and MEET-UP at Hotel LEGOLAND®.

Creative competition – prices.

Closure of conference.


We only offer a limited number of seats at the conference – so secure your seat as soon as possible.

Secure your seat by sending a mail to:

Micael Buckle:

You will be asked to participate in a survey prior to the conference – a link will be sent out.

Note that day 2 of this conference is only for trained facilitators. Non trained facilitators can participate on day 1.


  • Price for the conference (day 1 and 2) at Hotel LEGOLAND, all inclusive: DKK 8.875,00
  • Price for the conference day 1, all inclusive including night accommodation: DKK 7.275,00
  • Price for the conference day 1, all inclusive without night accommodation: DKK 5.875,00
  • (excl. 25% Danish VAT – only Danish residents).
  • Invoice will be sent at registration.

IntHRface and Electrolux host LEGO buffet with Teamship on the menu!!

August 24, 2017 in Serious Play Discussion

180 employees and leaders from the Nordic cluster of Electrolux using the powerful Lego® Serious Play® tool to exploring and developing the Electrolux concept of “Teamship” focusing on aligned goals, collaboration, transparency and engagement. Under the guidance of IntHRface these highly engaged people managed to get into a very productive flow building important ideas and suggestions on how to further stimulate cooperation between different functions and departments in the company. Are you looking for facilitators with solid experience in relation to events of this magnitude then feel free to contact us ( or do you want to be learn to facilitate such events yourself then attend our courses at Hotel LEGOLAND®

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