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    • Hi everyone – I’m a new-ish facilitator, and I’m quite successfully finding my way. Does anyone have a good insight into how I could incorporate a short element from LSP into a wider non-LSP vision-setting session for a client organisation? I’ve used ‘the duck’ and the ‘pencil pot’ before (quite successfully) – but is there anything else which can help set the scene for a vision workshop that isn’t LSP-led? I’m hoping that if I can include a small LEGO element, I can interest the client in doing more…
      Be glad of any wisdom from more experienced colleagues.

    • Mark and members –

      Let me take this just a little bit sideways. Let me also note that I have been doing organizational development work since 1978 and have always used active involvement and experiential learning as anchor points to generating change and commitment. AND, we have played a great deal with the whole missions / visions thing over the years. Generating active involvement and ownership in this is a CRITICAL issue and it cannot simply be done at the top and then expected to cascade anywhere.

      My work is more around metaphor and we have used the Square Wheels theme as a starting point to talk about the criticality of alignment to a shared mission and vision, and that the view from the FRONT of the wagon is a much different view than the one from the BACK. With that, we used a Fast Networks communications structure to help the large group generate some shared common values and culturally-accepted words (quickly) and to form up as small tabletops to each produce a working copy of a vision (within 30 minutes)

      We also use dot-voting (called many things) and future-pacing to generate alignment on key issues and values and to generate consensus thinking.

      I blogged about most of this a few years ago at my blog at performancemanagementcompanyblog dot com and search under “dot voting square wheels fast networks”

      We also use LEGO scenes to help the communications aspects of this kind of work, along with doing innovation and team building kinds of things.

      Overall, this kind of initiative can be pretty high risk, and most strategy implementation efforts generally fail and really take 2 to 3 years to effectively implement in larger organizations. But it all starts with a Mission and it all hinges on active involvement and ownership of the final result. I hope that helps.

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