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Short and punchy demo exercices

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     Ariane Wunderli 

    Hello everyone,

    Does any one have short and punchy exercices beside the duck and the bridge to recommend to be used during sales meetings (with HR / manager) or conference followed by networking opportunitie to give them the opportunity to experiment LSP within a few minutes.

    I would like to get the wow effect to “embark” them. I too often get the comment from participants “one must experiment to understand what’s in it …”

    Thank you very much.

     Glin Kindred 

    One drive i have found effective is to take an assorted handful of black bricks and green bricks. Dividing the small audience of 3-8 into teams. In 3 minutes, black team builds a wall 3 bricks high across the table before the grren team can assemble 3 green towers.

    Its fun fast and engaging.
    I just discovered the Lego Serious Play method, ordered the books and already have friday afternoons booked for Building a Better Business using LSP.
    Im amazed with the results and super eager to get to SF in june for certification training!

    Hope my input was helpful.

     Ariane Wunderli 

    Thanks for your input Glin.

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