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lsp in a production factory

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     idan levin 

    Hello friends,
    I feel a bit lost with a new client and would love your input.
    I was invited to facilitate an lsp workshop in a seed production factory during a 2-day strategy meet-up. the length of the workshop will be between 4-6 hours. I am still trying to understand the expected outputs of the head of the factory and how lsp can contribute. the client is the the the manager of the factory, under him are 8 managers that are in charge of the production (the workshop is for them). they are all relatively new (1.5-2 years on the job). most of them are agronoms. the client would like them to learn how to effectively manage a production/assembly line, understand the need for cooperation meetings during production and how to identify bottlenecks in the process. I thought of building a workshop that starts with role perception of the managers in the production process (because the procees includes various levels, including R&D, it can be usefull to clarify their role in it) and move fairely quickley to a shared model where they build ther ideal production process. the next segment can be used to talk about the gaps between the ideal type built and of the process as it is managed today. the last part can be used for individual buiding of what each of the managers can do tomorrow in order to improve the effectivenes of the production line.
    I would love your input. Thank you :)

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