Identity and Landscape Kit

Robert Rasmussen and I had a meeting a LEGO today assisting them in pulling together a new Identity and Landscape Kit. There will be marginal changes and all to the better.

They expect that the product will be ready early in 2012

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  1. In terms of updating the current kit, our focus has simply been on substituting the elements that are being phased out of the LEGO portfolio and finding new with similar functionality.
    In addition, we had the opportunity to add a new bag with some interesting elements. Finally, the aim was also to keep the price point, which it looks like we managed to do

  2. Hi Per,
    Can you keep me informed when the new material will be available ? So I can take it into account for future projects.

    Best regards,

  3. hi Bob
    Absolutely. The kits will be produced in February – so far so good. The other challenge is that the Foundation will have to set up a sales and distribution channel, but it should all be sorted by Late Feb/early March

  4. hi Alan
    I am afraid it is not ready be early Feb! The Foundation has secured a production slot in Feb, but the products are not ready for sale until March. It is rather frustrating, but Jette is working hard on this. Are you coming to Billund in April???

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