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Hello everybody and welcome to our blog in which 2-3 interns write about their experience about playing with LEGO’s.

On our first day there was only me and my fellow intern, by the way my name is Dan and her name is Kate. We arrived at 9.00 am on the 2nd of July to the apartment of our mentor Marko Rillo. We found out that out of the 5 people who were supposed to be on this course, only we showed up. Our 3rd member is going to join with us via Skype hopefully on the 2nd day.

We decided to write this blog sort of together but still separately – someone starts writing and when he or she runs out of ideas, the other one takes over. So I’m going to start and in the 2nd part of the blog Kate takes over. A bit more about me – currently I am an university student in Universitas Dorpatensis, situated in Tartu, Estonia. I am 20 years old and this is my first time as an intern.

When we started our day we were warned that the first week is going to be really intense and they were not wrong. I never thought playing with bricks could be so exhausting. So for the first 2 hours we listened to some general ideas how Serious Play actually works and who is behind this genius methodology. When we got through the theories, we finally began building!

First we were asked to build a tower, which could consist maximum of 10 bricks, but had to include a figure, a flower and a flag. we didn’t think much of it so we just built a tower and placed it on the table. Then out of the blue we were asked to tell a story about our tower, which really bummed us out, because this tower was really a random creation. So we were in shock and mumbled that it’s just a tower and there is nothing much about it. Of course we did not get away so easily and had to tell a real story of the tower and every brick itself.

Then we had our 2nd task which was to take 5 random bricks out of the pile of LEGOs and build something. I wish I could say what we built, but I can’t because they looked like some abstract figure, which you could spot at the museum of modern arts. We then had to exchange our creations and our mentor Rillo gave us a task to talk 30 seconds of a topic he gave us. I must tell tell you – it isn’t easy at first when you have an abstract figure, which could be absolutely anything, and you have to tell a story about it.

Now I am done with my short introduction of myself and the first part of our day. I shall give the computer and the blog to Kate who will continue writing and give a more detailed view on the 2nd half of our day.

And….hellooo ^.^ I am a student too, but I am a little bit older than Dan, but I do not think it is necessary information. :D  I think…I suppose… I do not know… :D So….by the way…I will keep it in a secret.  I am going to write a small story about our second half of day and about the largest task I except.

Me with Dan spent many time and power for solving this exercise. I have to admit that it was very interesting to do, and a thought that ideas never and but… Ok,  I will write about this from the beginning.

First of all we had to visualize with LEGO bricks our ideas about how to promote SeriousPlayPro community. We had different ideas in our head, but how we could visualize this using bricks? We started thinking separately and after that we decided to put our parts of bricks together. When we started combine our ideas, we decided to come up with new ideas. I can say, that then you think together with your fellow it is faster to reach the aim or to make up and idea and fulfill it…but…..on the other side – you have different opinions and points of view. :S

It takes more time to reach an agreement.. It seems. All in all we made an video and published it on youtube. But… we had to focus on filming, put our thoughts together and prepare good speech. Approx. 10 times we tried to make good video with a good speech. Hah, first, we tried to say something from the top of our head, but it was not a good idea. The last attempt was then Dan just wrote a whole text on the paper and just read it when the video starts.

Yes,  I have to admit that it was not so simple.  But at the end we did it! But it was not the end of a day. Our mentor Rillo showed us pictures the he made of us during this day… Hmm… I could choose only 2 pictures from album :O By the way, there were only 3 pictures, where were not illustrated my face :D With Dan we reached to agreement which pictures to publish. So… It seems all… Now I will give a computer to Dan back.. Maybe he wants something to add.

So this is the end of our first and hopefully not last blogpost. We shall keep you all updated on our internship and how we are doing and so on and so forth. You can always leave a comment about our posts and tell us what you liked and what not. We will try to make this blog as easy and fun to read as possible and not make it look like an office job.

All the best,



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