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A few months ago, we performed a initiative with Lego Serious Play at the Corporate University of the Sebrae (Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service). We developed a course on creative economics, and as a group dynamics we used the Lego Serious Play methodology to reflect on new business models.

Later, in a virtual version of the course, we decided to create a distance dynamic with LSP. The virtual learner could use the Build with Chrome to respond to the proposed challenge with a virtual block prototype, whose link could be sent to us by the site em3ddorismo.com.

Unfortunately, the Build with Chrome platform has been disabled for new builds, allowing only the visualization of the constructions already made. But the video with this experience, despite being in Portuguese, can be seen below.

This is the third module of the course, because in the first two (here and here) the presentation on the creative economy was given. We hope to deepen this idea of virtual LSP, let’s talk about it.

  1. Hello Israel,
    Very cool, what you did. I believe very much in Lego® as support for our products. I am an LSP facilitator and also an analyst at SEBRAE MG. I stay here thinking all the time how to use the bricks in my day to day life.

  2. Israel Jorge Author
    Israel Jorge 7 months ago

    Olá, Wagner, que interessante acabarmos nos conhecendo por aqui, no meio dos gringos… Vamos manter contato, segue meu e-mail do Sebrae: israel.jorge@sebrae.com.br. Abs

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