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The Smith College Engineering department recently invited Team Dynamics Boston‘s Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther to lead a Lego Serious Play workshop for the Design Clinic, a two-semester capstone course for senior engineering majors, in which students collaborate in teams on real-world projects. Medtronic, Stantec and Under Armour are among the industry sponsors of this year’s clinic.

The Lego Serious Play workshop provided a creative departure from typical classroom work and helped the future engineers dive deep into the complexities of team dynamics.

Susannah Howe, director of the clinic, commented: “These students have participated in teamwork discussions before, but the use of Legos added a twist to the conversation, surfacing some ideas that students hadn’t previously expressed.”

Read more: http://www.smith.edu/news/engineering-students-use-legos/


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