Lego Serious Play in Design Thinking - Serious Play Pro

UBQT Solutions from India added the following interesting photos to their website on connecting LEGO SERIOUS PLAY with Design Thinking.

They wrote: recently, we applied Lego bricks through the Lego Serious Play method in a Design Thinking programme. At the end, what we found was that Lego bricks are a great tool to use for Ideating and Prototyping stages, to ask questions, help participants break out of moulds and comfort zones, and express their thoughts in novel ways. The rest of the text on their blog post is just copied from Rafiq Elmansy’s blog with the same title :).


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  1. […] des choses rapides en carton, ou réalise des vidéos rapidement montées. Certains utilisent des LEGO, ou encore de la pâte à modeler. Bref, les outils pour réaliser un prototypage rapide ne […]

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