Said, Roos & Statler (2001) "Lego Speaks" - Imagination Lab Working Paper no.20 - Serious Play Pro
Imagination Lab website at

Imagination Lab website at

Now that Lego has introduced their new website, they have also included new list of references that they suggest to read. One of the papers on their list is Said, Roos & Statler (2001) “Lego Speaks” Imagination Lab Working Paper no.20.

One of the community members just got in touch with me to ask about where to obtain the paper.

As the Imagination Lab website has not been actively updated for quite some time then this might be the reason why it is difficult to identify their working papers from the cyberspace even with the help of advances search tools. Hence – let me add the link to the page here. And for whomever is interested in the actual paper – here is the “Imagination Lab Working Paper no.20 Said Roos Statler 2001 Lego Speaks” for your download.


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