REGISTRATION - LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Community Meeting 2014 - Serious Play Pro

If you are planning on attending this year’s gathering you can now register by using the link below. It is a requirement for attending that you have completed a recognized facilitator training program. Once you have submitted the form you can consider yourself registered unless you hear back from us within a couple of weeks.

Registration Link

For more about the background please check out our earlier postings.

As mentioned there we have set ourselves this time-line for preparing the meeting:
1. Input to the agenda should be sent to this email address, which goes to both of us:
2. May 1st. we will post on this site the information about how to register for the meeting. The goal is to accommodate everyone who wants to come. DONE!
3. Deadline for input to the agenda incl. proposals for presentations is July 1st.
4. Our intention is to have the final agenda ready around August 1st.

Best Regards
Per and Robert

  1. Yana 4 years ago

    Hello, do you know in what town in DK the meeting will be held? thanks

  2. Monique Roozen 4 years ago

    Hi Yana,

    The town is Billund.

    Best regards,
    Monique Roozen

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