LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator Community Meeting 2014 - Serious Play Pro

We are happy to confirm that our annual 2 – day gathering will be as earlier announced SEPTEMBER 15 and 16. Starting early morning September 15 and finishing the evening end of day September 16.

These 2 days will be a gathering exclusively for LSP facilitators, who have completed a recognized facilitator training program. As mentioned in our posting December 5 our meeting is no longer being held in connection with the LEGO IDEA Day, as this conference have changed format.
The gathering is hosted by LEGO Foundation. Participants pay for their own travel and lodging, but there is no fee for participating in the meeting. The venue is the LEGOLAND hotel in Billund, Denmark.

The LEGO Foundation is only hosting, not doing any of the organizing, planning or running of our meeting. In a similar fashion like last year we, Per & Robert,  will take the lead on logistics with regards to registration, gathering of input for and creation of the agenda, and coordinating with the venue.

Our starting point for developing the agenda for the 2 days will be the format we used in 2013. Here is a link to the Agenda 2013 for your inspiration. What the agenda ends up being will entirely depend on the input we receive from you. Your input to the agenda can be either 1) topics that you would like addressed, discussed or learn more about or  2) a proposal for something you would like to share with the participants in the form of a presentation.

Our time line for preparing the meeting:
1. Input to the agenda should be sent to this email address, which goes to both of us:
2. May 1st. we will post on this site the information about how to register for the meeting. The goal is to accommodate everyone who wants to come.
3. Deadline for input to the agenda incl. proposals for presentations is July 1st.
4. Our intention is to have the final agenda ready around August 1st.

Best regards
Per & Robert

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