Today was not a late April Fools' Day - rather like X-mas - Serious Play Pro

Finally the day arrived, where I sincerely believed it was possible to order my first Identity & Landscape Kit (in Europe) for a very LONG time! Due to the Easter Holidays I had to wait a few days after the new 2000430 was supposed to be in stock. And YES, the order went through smoothly and I received my order confirmation. Now I just have to wait 4 – 5 days more to get my hands on it too.

Thanks to Jette Orduna at LEGO for NOT giving up on 2000430 despite a lot of interventions from Murphy!

Now I guess we can start worrying about, when the Connections Kit will be ready! Can’t ruin my enjoyment though.

  1. Jan Gentsch 5 years ago

    And mine arrived yesterday! Lots of nice bricks!
    Great timing too, since I’m having a workshop tommorrow evening.
    Me very happy! :-)

  2. Bruce Scharlau 5 years ago

    Just tried ordering Identity and Landscape kit and was told that they are backordered until September 2013 :( Fingers crossed this comes sooner than that.

  3. Kerim Omer Caglar 5 years ago

    Just for logistics reasons I have a question to ask.

    What is the packaging size, and also weight of the “Identity and Landscape kit”? Does any one know?

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