Date for Identity & Landscape Kit in Europe - Serious Play Pro

Dear all

Unfortunately the launch date has been put back another week. The products are own the way, but has to be moved from the location where they are packed to the warehouse

I know our friends at LEGO are really sorry about this!


  1. Raymond Hendriks 5 years ago

    A very good morning to you all! As of today the L&I kit is available in Europe. I just managed to place an order through the Dutch Customer Service Desk. The expected date for the new Connections kit seems to be pushed back to September though. But for now i’m just really really happy with the release of the L&I ;-)

    Happy building, and hope to see you at the meeting and conference in Billund in two weeks.

  2. Erwin Verweij 5 years ago

    I called today but the Identity and Landscape kit is nog available. They now say september. How am I ever going to get my business of the ground if they keep holding this back. Does anyone know how to get it, i’m realy getting desperate and angry about this.

  3. Author
    Per Kristiansen 5 years ago

    hi Erwin
    It is indeed crazy. An huge back log had developed, so lots people seems to have rushed in and placed rather big orders. What would normally be sold over months if not a year, was gone in a matter of weeks
    LEGO is now both producing new kits and have launched a distribution – task force in order to create a better system

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