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UPDATE: The kits are now in the warehouse, BUT they are not available yet! Reason: A number of small elements have been changed, and this means that in the LEGO set up they need to re-calculate the price (this does not necessarily mean that it will change, but it has to be checked). Hence, it may take another month before they are available. To be on safe side (!) aim for Dec 1st

The Connections Kit is still scheduled for early 2013

Dear all
A quick note on products and product development. The new Identity & Landscape Kit should be ready by the end of this week, meaning that we should be able to buy it next week.

The connections kit is a couple of boxes away from being sold out (a few are left in the US). You may (again) experience that consumer service tells you that the products are discontinued and will note come back, this is NOT true and they only say so because that it what is looks like in their system. The connections kit will be back, but not until February next year, that was the earliest production slot that was available



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