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Several years ago I came across this article in the U.S.News. It has had a strong impact on my thinking about the power of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. “According to cognitive neuroscientists, we are
“conscious of only about 5% of our cognitive activity”. If that is indeed true the vast majority of our decisions is not a conscious activity. LSP has proved to me over and over and over that is incredibly good at helping people access their unconsciously knowledge and thereby improve their decision-making. I have found that when asking people to “build a story about….” a complex issue it works very well to tell them “don’t have a meeting with yourself about what to build – just start building”. In those instances tacit knowledge emerges and people will say things like “I had no idea I knew this!”


I was recently reminded of this article, when I picked up David Eagleman’s book “INCOGNITO”. It is described as the hottest thing in neuroscience right now. It is a must read book, if you like me are fascinated by how LSP can help you build in your mind by building in the world. It is captivating and enjoyable reading.



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