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Dear all,
the latest on the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY products:

The Identity & Landscape Kit: It is ready to go into production, the content looks great and works really well. It will be ready together wit the new website during July

The starter Kit: Well, we have beaten all the estimated sales, thus, it is sold out. No one had expected this to happen until August, thus the production has been scheduled for July 7th. Seems we outplayed the budgets. In the meantime the old windows kit will be offered as a substitution. Some of you may remember the windows kit, it is similar to the starter kit, but a bit smaller. Nevertheless, it works well for the classical skills building exercises

PS: You may be told by the LEGO employees at the service desk that the LSP products are discontinued rather than temporarily sold out. This is because that is how it looks in their system. In the future the products will be sold in a special LSP web-shop, thus, “technically”, the current products are discontinued, and completely new ones are being developed.

  1. Patricia Kistenmacher 6 years ago

    that’s great news, Per. July is not that far anymore. And how about the chances of buying from abroad? Hope you’ve solved that too.

  2. Author
    Per Kristiansen 6 years ago

    Hi Patricia

    The new web shop will be up and running when the new kits are ready. And, yes, in that set up almost all countries in the world will be served

  3. Massimo Mercuri 6 years ago

    Hi Per … a few questions:
    I am still confused on how to order, but I understand from your post that there will be a dedicated web shop only for Serious Play. is that correct?
    – what is the status on Starter Kit (2000414)?
    – same question on 2000409 Window ExplorationBag
    – will there be a Landscape Kit (2000415), or an equivalent that can be purchased? if so what kit?
    – do you recommend to buy and stock some kits to assure we are not left out without inventory?

  4. Author
    Per Kristiansen 6 years ago

    hi Massimo

    Yes, that is correct. The plan is still to set up a dedicated webshop for the LSP products only

    – 2000414, there is a production slot in July, so all things equal (and no more Murphy’s law) it should be ready for sale in August
    – As far as I know that bag is still available via the LEGO call center (the 800 number shown on
    – Yes, there will be a new version of the ID&Landscape kit
    – Yes, but currently it is difficult. It is possible to buy the old window kit, it is a smaller version of the starter kit, but works well, so can be used

    Hope this clarified


  5. Patricia Kistenmacher 6 years ago

    Hi, Per.

    hope you are enjoying summer time and holidays.

    Do you happen to know what’s the status now? I couldn’t find any changes on Lego’s website to buy the products. Will the Starter Kit and the Landscape and Identity Kit will be ready before the end of July? As you know, my friend will attend your training by the end of the month, and we would like to buy some products.

    Thanks and best,

  6. Massimo Mercuri 5 years ago

    hello, any news on this topic?

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