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Since Open Source was implemented in 2010 I have done a fair amount of facilitator training sessions. I thought it would be interesting to compile a small survey casting some light on the demography of the participants. When I look at who they are in terms of “why LSP/where do you plan to apply LSP ? “ four categories appear:

I: Commercial purpose
52% plan to use it as part of their commercial consultancy business
II: In-house purpose

24% plan to use it inside their current company or organization
III: Education

20% plan to use it as part of their teaching approach – primarily college education
IV: Research

4% plan to use LSP as a research tool or do research in LSP

With regards to “where do they come from” LEGO SERIOUS PLAY definitely have global appeal.  38 nationalities have been represented in these training sessions.

To learn about our 2012 schedule for the facilitator training sessions in Europe, Asia, North American and Central America please check out our website or send an email to robert@rasmussenconsulting.dk



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