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Again for this year LEGO has extended an invitation to the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community for their annual Idea Conference, which is April 17 in Billund, Denmark. The invitation goes to those of you, who are trained and certified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitators – either by LEGO before April 2010 or after by a master trainer delivering a certification at a similar level as LEGO did before the open source was implemented.

In combination with the Idea Conference we will arrange an events for the LSP participants. On April 16th we will arrange and lead a “LSP facilitation refresher/update session”. Here we will among other share best practices from the field and from the train-the-trainer sessions. The exact content will be determined based on input from the registered facilitators.

Participation in the LEGO Idea Conference requires registration. You do that by downloading the registration form (Registration_2012) and email it to Per Kristiansen or Robert Rasmussen. We will
then send you a confirmation with any further details. In the event the interest is higher than the number of invitations, then we will work with the “first come first serve” principle”

Participation in the Idea Conference and the “LSP facilitation refresher/update session” is free of charge. You pay for your own travel, food and accommodation.

Best Regards

Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen

About the LEGO IDEA Conference:
For the last five years, the LEGO Idea House and The LEGO Foundation have jointly hosted the annual LEGO Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark. Through a horizon-broadening program featuring ‘Hands-On, Minds-On workshops, this one-day event shows how the LEGO brand is so much more than a toy brand.
This year’s speakers include John Maeda, Nicolai Moltke-Leth. Sugata Mitra, Peter Madsen, Christian Stadil and Kiran Bir Sethi (Conference Program)


  1. Itha Taljaard

    I am going to try my best to come but I need to resolve Visa (being a South African). Please recommend places to stay close to venue


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    Per Kristiansen

    Dear Itha, if you can make then please fill out the reg.form and forward it. We need this information, in order for LEGO to register you as paricipant

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