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“I’ve decided to apply the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology to journalistic interviews and chose to explore and learn more about OccupyLSX (London Stock Exchange) through the use of LEGO. I have been around St. Paul’s camp looking for someone to involve in my experiment. And that’s when I’ve met Helen. She is 17, she is studying textile, “I still go to the college from here in the morning, which is difficult because it’s freezing and it’s too cold to get up. It’s not nice.” she says with a smile. I ask Helen to build me the first model, to let her familiarize with LEGO”.

This is how Patrizia Bertini – trained LSP facilitator – introduces us to her LEGOviews concept (LW). The LEGOviews idea have been invented and conceptualised by Patrizia and she is now using it in real life situation to investigate complex social realities, like the Occupy movement and the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Patrizia: According to Wikipedia, “An interview is a conversation between two people (the interviewer and the interviewee) where questions are asked by the interviewer to obtain information from the interviewee.”

LEGOviews (LWs) are journalistic interviews based on the LSP method: they do not much differ from traditional interviews in the aim, though they deeply differ in the cognitive mechanisms and in the process. Most of the best interviews we can think of deeply delve topics in an argumentative way and the interview, in most cases; it’s a dialectic and intellectual fight between the two parts. LEGOviews are not fights, they are collaborative dialogues, they are conversations. Read Patrizia’s full article “When LEGO bricks become Socrates’ Midwife”

  1. Patrizia Bertini 6 years ago

    Thank you Robert!! :)

  2. Author
    Robert Rasmussen 6 years ago

    A real pleasure.

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