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Searching for inspiration for a Leadership Institute workshop (using LSP) I came across this article. It is not new, but first time I see it. Interesting shift that might explain why certain companies now are more interested in LSP than before.


Communicating purpose effectively
By Professor John Weeks, Dr Aileen Ionescu-Somers and Dr Tania Braga – October 2010

…”Companies love talking about their sustainability initiatives and noble corporate purposes. But are these companies really walking the talk? Corporate purpose is often received with mistrust, skepticism and even cynicism. Many perceive the way companies express and communicate their corporate purpose as “window-dressing” or political correctness”….

….. “In a nutshell, corporations wishing to reflect on whether and how better to communicate corporate purpose more effectively, and – particularly in this day and age – salvage or rebuild tarnished or wrecked reputations through a more purposeful communications strategy need to “better walk the talk while talking the walk.” The project revealed that these European companies are transitioning from a “just do it” approach to a “talk the walk” approach on communicating corporate purpose. Leading companies that have traditionally taken a low-key, “below the radar screen” approach have recently become much more active in this regard.

Companies articulate and communicate on corporate purpose with the ultimate aim of building and sustaining reputation and trust. Managers have good reason to view this proposition as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, more thoughtful and careful communication of corporate purpose gives the opportunity to build, sustain and increase trust. On the other hand, some managers feel it can open the door to still more stakeholder mistrust and skepticism. Clearly the idea of not only “walking the talk”, but “talking the walk” consistently and coherently is the only way around this conundrum. This is no easy proposition, but the rewards, in terms of reputation and brand benefits, are potentially rich”…

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