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From the earliest days, the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY community was very much a multi-national community. People drawn to the approach shared a global affinity for the core beliefs and values underpinning the process and the outcomes.

Today it is approximately a year since the first T3 session under the new Open Source policy. The
diversity of facilitators joining the training has further confirmed that LSP is indeed a language that transcend many kind of boundaries. The participants in the past 12 month’s T3 sessions represents 26 nationalities that came together to learn how to speak LSP.

TRAINING SCHEDULE for the remaining part of 2011

Singapore (Singapore) November 1 – 4. Stage 1 and 2
December 12 -15, Copenhagen, Denmark: Stage 1 and Stage 2 (offered by Per and me in collaboration)

TRAINING SCHEDULE for first quarter 2012

Atlanta (USA) January 24 – 27. Stage 1 and 2
Odense (Denmark) February 6 – 9. Stage 1 and 2
Boston (USA) March 26 – 29. Stage 1 and 2

The purpose with our T3 facilitator training program is to provide the facilitator with the insights, confidence and commitments necessary to prepare and facilitate the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method in a way that gives maximum value to the end-user and has lasting impact.

The train-the-trainer program for use of the LEGO(r) SERIOUS PLAY(r) method follows the updated program and use the new full facilitator manual developed by Per Kristiansen and myself. The program meets the standards set by the Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology.

For more information about the training content and other questions regarding the training, please email me at or direct message via my profile.



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