I will be offering this workshop as a “pre-conference” workshop to this years Pegasus Systems Thinking Conference in Boston (I will also do short workshop on conference). Here is what Pegasus write on their website (http://pegasus.prod.ifpeople.net/pre-post-conference/pre-conference-workshops):

Scenarios are carefully constructed stories about how the world around us might—not will, not should—unfold over the years ahead. Scenario thinking challenges our mindsets about what could possibly happen so that we are able to develop robust strategies in an unpredictable and uncertain context. This seemingly simple yet sophisticated tool has a solid track record in improving the quality of strategic conversations and outcomes both within organizational teams and in multi-stakeholder, cross-organizational groups. By integrating the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ method into the scenario construction process, we engage more than just our heads, but also our hearts and hands, enabling us to make our thinking more explicit, the stories we create more powerful, and our actions more effective.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Be introduced to the hows and whys of scenario thinking
  • Experience the unique LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method
  • Discover the rigor and value of using the process to make scenario thinking clearer and more explicit, leading to better strategy
  • Apply these tools to your own specific strategic challenges

For more info feel free to contact me, or even better, register on the Pegasus website


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